[Archive] A new begining, 2000p RH chaos dwarfs vs 2000p WoC


-Lord Nazhir had for a long time been siting on his chair in his fortress. Last time he muster his army it has gone totally wrong Hashut had abonded him and his army was destroy twice over. Many moons had passed since then but still a anger boild in Lord Nazhir. Many other lord had laughted at him when he came back, almost with his tail between his legs.

But his sorcerer, Magnar´zzar had said that Hasut was once again smiling at Nazhir. Many slaves had been sacrifed for Hashut greater good and finally all the signs and potents was showing that he should again marsch out with his army.

With great enthusiam Lord Nazhir gather his army and broke for the north. He wanted to get ino that land called The empire to gather humans as slaves. They always workted hard and there screams very lovely. On his way north he passed a pass and in his way where a force of warriors of chaos. They where not expecting him but still would prove a challenge. Chaos worshipper made bad slaves but good sacrifies!

(Third battle in 8:ed, two first was last year right at the start of 8:ed and those where massacres against me)

Lord Nazhirs army:

Lord on great taurus (Balnaak) with armour of furnich and black hammer of hasut

lvl 2 sorcerer Magnar´zzar with dispell scroll and opal amulet = shadow

BSB Gandgar with armour of Gazrakh, biting blade, ironcurse icon

34 chaos dwarfs troops with great weapon and full command

20 chaos dwarfs with blunderbusses and full command

15 hobgoblins with la, shields and full command

10 bull centaurs with ha and full command

1 earthshaker

1 death rocket

1 bolt thrower

(as you can see my list was not minimax list as I wanted to try out diffrent units and use what models I got)

WoC list (what I remember)

lvl 4 chaos sorcerer (death)

Bsb (with banner that give them +5 ward save against missle fire)

40 marauders with great weapon and full command

2 units of 20 chaos warriors with full command

1 unit of 5 chaos horsemen with full command

1 unit of 10 mauruaders horse men with full command

1 giant.

We rolled for terrain and got a river and a several forest but nothing that really made a impact on the game. The battle was battle for the pass. He won the toss and went first.

Turn 1 WoC

No charges and hardly any moves except his maruaders horsemen on the right flank. Standing against them was my blunderbuss unit. Only magic that went throu where a spell that let my big dwarf unit to lose 3 in leadership.

Turn 1 CD

I did one charge with my bullcentaurs against his chaos riders. The rest did nothing and instead just moved my units in better positions. Magic did nothing but then the shooting started. My blunderbusses shoot down 5 horsemen and they fled of the table. The earthshaker and deathrocket both fired into the mauruder unit and killed a couple of guys but no panic test. Bolt thrower missed.

In close combat my bull centaurs was defeated (5 died on the charge and I only killed one back, had a lot of bad luck as I roll 11 attacks, only one hit) but hold as they are steadfast.

Turn 2 WoC

No charge from his big mauruader unit as it was slowed by my eartshaker. He only charged with his warrior against my blunderbusses The rest was out of angle. In his magic turn he tries to be sneaky and here Hashut had my back. He killed my hobgoblin champion to get more dice and then he casted a spell that killed my bsb (took four wounds with no armour save, damn death sniper lore) but in the same turn made a irristiebly cast. And he rolled a 3 on the miscast chart which ment that 13 mauruaders was killed and his lvl 4 sorcerer was suckted down into hell (or where ever a lvl 4 chaos sorcerer goes).

Once again, no shooting so only close combat with my Bull centaurs and blunderbusses. Against the bull centaurs he won pretty easy, riders killed 3 and horses 2. His warriors charged my blunderbuss unit that chose stand and shoot against him, and they killed another 4 warriors which ment he had to take a panic test which he failed! So no close combat for him.

Turn 2 CD

No charges for me, just moving my units further up the battle field. Magic was nothing. My missle units did ok(made 2 wounds on the giant with my bolt throwers and killed once again a couple of maruaders. My blunderbusses killed 5 chaos warriors). Best shooting went to great taurus that made a breath attack against the last mauruders (still around 25 strong) and killed around 8 more. They panic and fled of the table with his Bsb.

No combat.

Turn 3 WoC

He charges with nothing. Nothing else. Everything else moves ahead to try to get in contact with my troops but once again my earthshaker stopped several of them. He rallied warriors.

No shooting and no combat.

Turn 3 CD

Everything was looking better now. My unit of chaos dwarfs charges his other chaos warriors unit. My general charged same unit.

My magic whent well and I got of miasma on a buff and the spell that made him lose 3 in S. Both casted on his warrior unit.

Shooting with my dwarfs with blunderbusses that shoot again the other unit of chaos warriors and killed a couple of more warriors (he only had 10 left). My warmachine did nothing.

In close combat I won with 17 vs 1 and ran down the warrior unit with my general on Great Taurus.

Turn 4 WoC

He charged his giant into my big chaos dwarf unit, his warrior charged my blunderbusses and his chaos riders charged my death rocket. No shooting and no magic. He won easy the combat against the death rocket but his giant was cut down with out any problems for me. The warriors was this time not shoot down and made into combat. Which he won but I hold as I´m steadfast.

Turn 4 CD

My opponet gives up as he only has two units left: his warrior in close combat with my blunderbuss unit and this turn my hobgoblins could charge him into the flank and the other unit with riders which propably going to be charged by my general with my big chaos dwarf unit right behind to join him in the next turn. So a totalt massacre with my chaos dwarfs.


Blunderbusses in unit of 20 and full command are really good

Chaos riders is very good, don´t charged them with blull centaurs.

Shadow is a nice lore.

Skip hobgoblins in so small numbers, better to try and get wolves

-Lord Nazhir was a happy dwarf. The pile of burning and screaming chaos worshipper was a pleasant noice for his ears. Hashut would indeed be pleased with this offering. All in all he had a good feeling about this campagin. And when he came back to Zharr-Naggrund with thousands of slaves, no more dwarf would laught at him!

With those thoughts he ordered more oil on the fires and that the army to be ready for marsch, into the Empire!


Excellent, i really enjoyed, that’s cool to see chaos dwarf winning a game against recent armies.

Shadow lore is perfect in combination with the earthshaker and blunderbuss, you should try 2level two.

Hobgoblins are meat shield, you should play units of 25 to 40 just to stuck in melee your opponents.


Thanks, both for your advices and that you liked reading it :slight_smile:


I enjoyed reading that.

Hashut be praised haha!

Good to see Lord Nazhir get a win


Thanks again, sadly Lord Nazhir has not yet got a second game but I hope it will come in next week. And of course I hope for it to be a win too :slight_smile: