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I have a friend who has for many years been collaborating to write and produce a book.

She has finally been able to do this. I post her words here for any interested.

To any and all interested,

After years of deliberation, writing, editing, and fussing over publishers, my novel Morakduum (The Reforging), a project started in 1997, is now available in print or for download, and soon (as in the next week or two) will be listed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram Book Company and for my UK friends, on Nielson BookData. For those who can’t wait, you can order direct from the URL below:


Against a backdrop of deep underground caverns close to the molten center of the earth, High King Dorian Mytharia and his people, the vaarakanan wage war against sinister forces that have invaded their home. Facing declining birth rates, and attrition from millennia of warfare, the vaarakanan are doomed unless he can find a way to reverse this trend. Dorian knows this ultimate challenge will be impossible to solve while under constant threat. The only way he sees to ensure his people get the chance to change their future is a war of genocide against the invaders. It is a decision that will either save his race, or bring about their premature extinction.

Hope life and time finds all of you well that have been my friends in years gone by. This one is for all of you who still believe in heroes. :slight_smile:



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I remember reading her stories years ago, then she vanished. Do you think she might come back or is her online presence going to be restricted to her writing?


I will ask her. I am sure she’d be happy to know she is missed or at least that she still has friends around… lol


I might be lurking around… :stuck_out_tongue:


I might be lurking around... :P

:o It's Hashut's Chosen!


Hey, welcome back!

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Thanks guys. I don’t really get a lot of free time these days, and that is usually taken up with writing. But I still wax nostalgic for the glorious days of White Dwarf Presents! My CD army still sits in my GT roll-away, though they occasionally get to terrorize 3.5e D&D worlds. :hat

Hashut’s Blessing:

Welcome! It’s been a long time since I last saw your presence on HoH. It was back when I was but a wee lurker (for all of two or three weeks :smiley: ). It is an honour :wink: