[Archive] A Night Goblin Unit Filler (+mushroom)

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Well as unit fillers they will face the wrong way other then that it’s good

What did you make shroom from?

Kera foehunter:

mmmmmmmushrooms!! i like that !!i like the netter on the top

like godbob said that would be A cool unit filler


Very clever, and very fluffy. You’ll make people grin!

Also it is hard to not notice you’ve got netters :slight_smile:

Nicely done on the shroom, I would’ve forgotten to do the detailing underneath! :open_mouth:


U can never have a big enough shroom. For my NG army, I loved adding mushrooms wherever possible - as clubs for giants, base linings, objet d’art and even as a mount for a Chaos Goblin - the Doomshroom I called it. As for whether the gobboes are facing the right way… Who cares? They’re goblins, they tend to be easily distracted and not particularly well co-ordinated.

The model looks good!!


Nice filler!

…talking about 'shrooms, me too is a huge fan! Here’s what I did for my NGs a while ago.

Onii One Orc:

Godbob: Technically only the netter and the archer are facing sideways, the two regular gobbos are just fine. :wink:

tjub: I was actually partially inspired by your night gobbo thread on Da Warpath, thanks! :slight_smile:

The mushroom is made from green stuff sculpted over a paperclip armature. Three jumbo paperclips twisted together form the stalk, and another one curled into a loose spiral forms the cap, with the help of lots of green stuff! Sculpting it was probably the hardest part of the process, just because it takes a while for the green stuff to harden, and you have to be careful not to leave fingerprints all over it…


Yes, someone might say that you have missed the idae behind ‘unit filler’ - someone like me :stuck_out_tongue: - but it’s a great Mushroom diorama base :wink: - and I’ll belive that it looks great in a traditional unit of gobbos.

Let us see more - please!



Well, that mushroom is way bigger than anything I’ve built and it looks great!! A very unique terrain piece. How did you shape the mushroom?


woooooooow, love it so much! actually love THEM so much, both Onii and tjub! I like the Alice in Wonderland feel of tjub’s, and I love the contrasting colours of yours Onii! great idea guys! :slight_smile:

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Ah yes I see now Onii

Tjub cool it’s a giant watch tower



I like the model and have only one crit - the mushroom top itself looks rather flat because of the single shade of colour on it. I’ve found while painting my own large mushrooms is that drybrushing a lighter shade of the base, or a lighter new colour around the base of the mushroom’s hood, helps add some shade and interest to it, if you don’t want spots or other markings on it:


Nice filler!
...talking about 'shrooms, me too is a huge fan! Here's what I did for my NGs a while ago.

lol thats smurf house :P

Pyro Stick:

Ive definately got to make me a giant mushroom fortress. When my mate that has a hell of a lot of foam board comes back from a course hes on im going to start it.

Onii One Orc:

My mushroom might be nice, but I bow down to tjub’s awesomeness! :cheers

GRNDL: Thanks, I may have to try that… should be no problem to mix a darker/lighter color and touch up either the top of the cap or the bottom edges.


GRNDL, that’s great! what did you use it for? a garden decoration? :wink:

is it part of an army, a watch tower like tjubs? etc… :slight_smile:


@Onii One Orc: Haha, thanks… Didnt mean to steal the thread, just share the love for 'shrooms. :slight_smile:

@Pyro: Here’s a link how it was done. http://z3.invisionfree.com/Orc__Goblin_Warpath/index.php?showtopic=22874

@Sojourn: Its for my Night Gobbos… http://z3.invisionfree.com/Orc__Goblin_Warpath/index.php?showtopic=22720

Pyro Stick:

@Onii One Orc: Haha, thanks... Didnt mean to steal the thread, just share the love for 'shrooms. :)

@Pyro: Here's a link how it was done. http://z3.invisionfree.com/Orc__Goblin_Warpath/index.php?showtopic=22874

@Sojourn: Its for my Night Gobbos... http://z3.invisionfree.com/Orc__Goblin_Warpath/index.php?showtopic=22720

Thanks for the link! Btw how did you undercoat it? My friend spent ages carving a chaos shrine thing then sprayed it with chaos black and it melted...



  Actually its the weapon of my Night Goblin Giant (or is it a Giant Night Goblin?).


  I cropped the image because I didn’t want to hijack Onii’s thread.


If you want to spraypaint styrofoam, just use regular housepaint or housepaint primer on it before hand. You can use Citadel pot paints too, but thats the expensive route. I use acrylic housepaint primer, myself. Just make sure you cover everything.

  You can also use it selectively to “mask” the foam. If you have a smooth block of styrofoam, you can paint one half of it with primer and then spray paint the whole thing. The spray paint will eat into the unprimed styrofoam and make it go all bubbly and corroded. Would be good for crumbling ruins or chaotically mutated (nurgle, perhaps) buildings etc.

Random Mushroom related suggestion:
  You can make really good spore or puff balls from Polyurethane foam caulking. I had to fill a crack in my house with the stuff and it bubbled out of the crack as it expanded and it formed smooth “zits” of foam. When they cured, I broke off the excess and used them in a terrain piece that I never actually got around to painting.  They had enough holes and surface texture in them that they looked almost exactly like big puff balls.

Pyro Stick:

Thanks for the tip! Next time im in the shops ill check the price on a tin of black house paint. I bet its the same price as a tin of GW spray.

Ghrask Dragh:

I’ve always loved night goblins :hat off guys for the furthering the cause with some amazing terrain pieces and unit fillers!

Amazing army tjub, excellent use of the AoW Goblin King :cheers