[Archive] A piece of art


For those who can remember back that far, I did a compendium of concept art over on HoH, it grew very large in the end as I did a lot more art than I originally planned.

Anyway, here is a new bit from me.

The idea behind it is explained here


This being the western dwarf first moving east.��Its larger than it would be for a flash intro, but I wanted to save it this big for now.


Very nice, Grim! Looks great.


Nice work, I’d love to see more.

I can’s draw at all, it’s embarrassing.


Very nice, although I can’t help but think that he looks a bit too “modern-day” Dwarf for the first Dwarf to move East.


I never really thought about that actually. What would ‘classic dwarfs’ from thousands of years ago look like?


I have little to no idea. :cheers

Probably less fine clothing, more crude craftsmanship (this was before the Ancestor Gods taught them how to smith), untamed and scraggly beards, no Ancestor faces (for obvious reasons)… I don’t know. Just generally far less “defined” in their appearance than current Dwarfs. Closer to the more savage Dwarfs of Norse legend?


Dwarfs are people of tradition… you’d think they wouldn’t change much. I should bust out my old Dwarf army book…


Another one from me.��This one is supposed to represent the initial bombardment of Zharr Naggrund by the magical storm when they turn into Chaos Dwarfs.��It looks quite nice in black and white as well. Its made from 6 pictures.

Title:��End of Days

Incase my other one isn’t on here as well: