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I ordered some a week ago and they arrived today.

I wasn’t totally sure which size would be best, but now I have them I thought I’d do a guide for people incase you guys are looking for some.

0.025"  -  This size is tiny and I really wouldn’t recommend going any smaller to be honest.  I’ll use these for rivets on 28mm sized models, they’re probably a fraction bigger than the tiniest rivets you’d see on GW plastics.

0.030"  -  This size is quite manageable, I bought 600 of them.  I had planned to use them for warmachines, whilst they would be good for that, I think they’re a little bit small for what I want them for.  A good size for handling though.

0.040"  -  This and 0.050" are what I would recommend for anyone thinking about scratch building a wagon for the steam train, as I will be eventually.  The 0.050" are about 1mm across as a guide.


cool, thanks for the link, wanted to find a place selling these for a while.

are they simply circles, of hexagons, hexagons with holes?


The ones I bought are just round headed (circle).  They do some hex bolt ones as well (hexagon with a bit of a screw thread showing I believe).

I found the place forge world buy their rivets from, I’ll see if I can find it.

Edit:  http://www.ekpsupplies.co.uk/

Forgot to say that these rivets are the cheapest I could find, and I did a fair bit of research.  Metal ones are twice as much for an eighth of the amount!?


Thx for the links, I was searching for rivets just the other day! :cheers


Not to hi-jack the thread or changing focus - but another great resource for these things and a hole lot more is the

Scratch-Builders Paradise @ Antenociti’s Workshop


.....Scratch-Builders Paradise @ Antenociti's Workshop

Direct Link broken


Hmm! Rather strange - works sometimes?

- but try this then: http://www.barrule.com/Workshop/products.html

And then click the Scratch-Builder Paradise - banner

And then I just noticed that Jed has moved the shop to this domain:



This is very interesting. As a budding Ork Mek the idea of making rivets has been driving me nuts for years.