[Archive] A plan to push Chaos Dwarfs


Okay, I was thinking about old threads from people reporting back from Gamesdays or letters they’d written and the responses they got from developers. One thing that made me sit up and take notice was the fact that when one of our number wore a CDO T-shirt to Gamesday UK, he got noticed by a GD who said he’d been “ambushed” by a guy with one at a Gamesday in America.

The ambusher was of course Willmark and this made me think. “Hang on,” my brain said to me “if watching cartoons has taught me anything then its that ‘free t-shirts’ is an irrisistable offer to any man.” Apparently, said T-shirt was worn to work and much admired and commented on by other people in the Lenton office. So the plan is this - at every GW event where developers, White Dwarfers or anyone else who could have influence is said to be attending, we get a CDO member (or maybe more) to ambush them. Their mission will be to talk to them about Chaos Dwarfs (and chaos dwarfs online in particular) present them with the T-shirt and get a photo of them with it or wearing it. If nothing else it means we stay in their minds for the next “new” race. No more Ogres or Daemons stealing all our glory!


I hear some design/staff will be at Canada this year…


This is a good idea in terms of pushing chaos dwarfs and CDO.

I remember the gold old days of Portent (the previous version of Warseer).  Those guys had a reputation amongst Games developers of hounding them relentlessly.

If there were to be lots of people wearing the same T shirt at every event they do they will start to see the CD fans as a ‘united movement’ (for want of a better phrase).  So will other people as well (potential members).

Will it achieve anything in terms of a release date?  No.  Will it improve coverage and membership of CDO? Definately!


We are in the process of getting T shirts to the dev team I have t get them ordered. Now the WoH # 2 is out of the way I will have some more time to devote to them

Ghrask Dragh:

As soon as I get my shirt I’m in guys, let the ambushing begin :wink:

Auretious Taak:

I want a T-shirt!

Though my banking isn’t set up to do stuff online (else I’d have had all sorts of ebay goodness by now including all of Samurai Jack - I mean cartoon network are pains in the rear I had 3 episodes, just THREE episodes to go and I would have finished watching ALL of Samurai Jack on youtube, albeit in 2-3 parts to the episode, lol). Who do i talk to to acquire one of these? I found the thread earlier, our internet connection hit minimalist dl speed as we used the limit for the month (1.4 days to go till shininess and CDO Webzine’s 1 and 2 dl’ed), so i am pretty sure I didn’t read the entire thread through and just 1 page of posts…

To this thread, ambushing en-mass is a great idea. Even just wearing it to a local GW would evoke talk and maybe get the army played more. The Sydney Battle Bunker, where all the Golden Demon awards are judged each year in Australia now are hosted there and that would be a great place to show the colours, it’s like a fortnight or 2 away can’t remember meh.

Cheers, and have a good day,

Auretious Taak.


I’ve just had another idea that might be worth thinking about.

Why not plead and beg with Jervis (if he’s the right guy) to get a one off Chaos Dwarf added to the Direct Only models?

Any sort of model would do, re-releasing the Big Hat hero from warhammer 25th would be a good one.

It’s not like its a major commitment is it?  One model.

From what I understand they are planning to do a lot more one off models generally over the next few years (for all systems), so why not a CD?


I've just had another idea that might be worth thinking about.

Why not plead and beg with Jervis (if he's the right guy) to get a one off Chaos Dwarf added to the Direct Only models?

Any sort of model would do, re-releasing the Big Hat hero from warhammer 25th would be a good one.

It's not like its a major commitment is it?  One model.

From what I understand they are planning to do a lot more one off models generally over the next few years (for all systems), so why not a CD?

it might be more realistic to have a CDO exclusive model made available through the website.. And make sure the studio staff are presented with a few.

Kera foehunter:

well why beg !!! Don’t you think they lurk on this site to read this type of stuff!!!

they seen the T-shirts . They know where here !!!

Auretious Taak:

They know we’re here.

They also know hundreds of other fan based websites are out there.

They also are busy people.

How many forums do you get to visit daily, I cap out at 5 if that assuming I have several hours to spare…

Realism is an ass.

Auretious Taak.


I’m guessing that most probably don’t visit many fan sites all that much.

I do have a high respect for many of the guys but sometimes some off-hand comments I have heard make me wonder. Sometimes Alessio’s border on “I’m better then all of you”. and its like seriously Dude, its not that hard to make a RPG or war game… And on top of that GW is in maintenance mode, the game has changed all that sustainably in 20 years.

Thommy H:

The best thing we can do - which is what we’ve always been doing, really - is keep this site going and keep it good. GW do watch the internet and already there’s, like, five threads on Warseer about Chaos Dwarfs in the first page of the Fantasy General Discussion forum because of us and because of people on this forum answering questions about CD (I’ve linked to the wiki twice on Warseer in as many days).

Having a professional quality webzine out there, doing painting competitions, maintaining a very complete wiki and generally demonstrating that there’s a market for this stuff out there is going to do more to promote Chaos Dwarfs than canvassing busy people. I don’t know about you, but when someone bugs me about something, it doesn’t make me want to buy that product or help whatever cause that person is espousing. When Mormons call at your door, does it make you want to convert to Mormonism? No, you just get annoyed at some religious nut bothering you.

So let’s just keep on trucking. I happen to believe this is pretty much the best Warhammer forum around - there’s a reason I post my non-CD armies here and not on forums for those particular armies. No one is as passionate about their army as we are, and no one does more to promote their cause than us (mostly because no one else needs to, but whatever…). If GW can see that there is a vibrant and active community to support CD players, then that proves there is a possible market, and that’s what’ll make it happen, if anything.


I’m sure GW realises there are fan based web-sites out there, although I doubt if they spend a great deal of time perusing them.

Gav used to post on at least some of them, but the other developers?..

Thommy H:

I’m not suggesting they’d spend time around here, but the louder our voice in the Warhammer internet community, the more online perception of Chaos Dwarf fandom is weighted in our favour. By way of example, the Word of Hashut webzine is getting a lot of attention on other websites and positive comments on, for example, Warseer. That’s somewhere we know members of the studio visit from time to time. So if they go to have a look on Warseer, and see five threads about Chaos Dwarfs, and see that the Chaos Dwarf community has produced a well received webzine, it plants the idea that there is a pretty coherent and dedicated fan base out there.

The better we make our site, the more attention it will get in the online community as a whole, and the more buzz gets created. When someone chooses a new army, they might see the resources we have and come here with a view to starting Chaos Dwarfs, and so our community grows.

A few years ago there was a couple of quiet forums for Chaos Dwarfs. Now we have the best site dedicated to a particular Warhammer army on the internet. The higher this obscure army is at the top of that list, the more chance there is of something new happening.


that’s the spirit! If we do this we’ll get the chaos dwarfs back in no time!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Since I don’t go to big events, I’ll stick to just wearing mine to GW (both Chester and Southend

Arakagaan Calasson:

Well I thought of breaking into GW with battleaxes and a swarm of hobgoblin slaves and forcing them at blunderbuss point to write us a list.

But y’know, whatever suits.


I plan to make a CDO t-shirt for the UK GT finals (unfortunately my undead reserved the army spot). I may even stick one of my drawings on it (something which you guys are also free to do when printing t-shirts btw:)).

It can only be a good thing for CDs if the community attends the GW tournies and plays their CDs using the Dwarf list. Mine always get a good reception and if more start doing it, it could really raise our profile. Its not like Dwarfs aren’t competitive either.


Thommy has susinctly stated what our strategy is.

We are pressing hard on many fronts, as mentioned. This represents our best chance. Tshirts are but another facet of this strategy.

In short we keep doing what we are doing.

zorn sabretooth:

I say we take a more resevoir dogs approach and yes- stealers wheels and all!!!

Mwah ha ha ha