[Archive] A (rapidly) scratch built Deathshrieker Rocket launcher


When I got the news that everything I had built for our Adepticon team tournament army was invalidated by the new book, I was not very thrilled!:mad

While I was freaking out, I saw a picture of the Forgeworld version.   There was not time to buy one, clean it, soak it, prime it, and such.  I had to build one myself to have one.  This was made from plasticard and any other random stuff I could find yesterday.

Pictures on the blog:

James Wappel Miniature Painting: One day project: Scratch built Chaos Dwarf Deathshrieker rocket launcher


Well, it certainly looks cool and of course, it will look superb once painted. I also know that time is a major issue in this case but after seeing what you’ve done with Lizardmen I know you can do better (if possible:)) than this! You know what? It looks a bit too… “light” to get the right Chaos Dwarf feeling. It makes me thinking more to an Ork buggy than not a heavy, lumbering steam driven engine. Maybe another couple of wheels could help?


I like it, and for a quick fix to your problem it will work great.  I just don’t see that it fits very well with your theme.  Maybe something more akin in shape to the ironclad Merrimac if you have some time?

Saw this with a google search and is kinda what I had in mind.  Add a rocket battery to it, and ta-da.

Maybe even just add a sloped hull to your current chassi and it would look more in theme, and prolly look solid. I would imagine it wouldn’t take too much time, but then I could never even cobble together what you made already out of plasticard.


Wow! That is very cool! Thanks for looking that up :slight_smile: That is something I will have to make for sure. I can run down my frequent opponent’s stupid steam tank all day with that buggy.

Ironically, I had thought about the ironclad design, although it would have looked more like the siege boat versions the Union used to bombard Vicksburg (open topped). Time constraints and worries about size made me go with something more simple and semi-standard :slight_smile: The window for finishing the army is this coming weekend.

However, I now have something super fun to build! You now have me obsessed with making that. :slight_smile: Should it be around the size of the Empire Land Ship? I painted one of those, and I think it would be less playable if it were bigger than that.

In other news, it looks like I will be painting the actual Forgeworld versions of the rocket, magma cannon, and iron daemon. Loads of fun!

Thanks to everyone for the advice and thoughts! Appreciate Skink and yourself for taking the time.


I really like the peaked caps you have given the crew.


I bet you could throw up an angled side wall on your existing design without too much of a headache. Just a slightly angled panel that extends just over to cover half the wheels.


I hope Sir, that they be Confederate chaps I see on that there contraption