[Archive] A tale of 4(or more) gamers


well, my local club is running a tale of 4 gamers event (with 7 peoples), where the chalange is to build up 500 points of an army per month for 4 months, then were having a tourny between the armies.

Now, since they said I can’t use CD’s in this, I’m using the regular dwarf rules and thus won’t be having access to things like hobbos, but still… I’m also hoping to get some extra points for good conversions:cheers

so, onto the list.

Dwarf lord - 301 points

Runic great weapon with Master rune of kragg the grimm(I think thats the name, keep gw bonuses one), rune of fury and rune of +1 to hit

Rune armour with rune of preservation, stone + re-roll armour saves

Runic necklace with rune of fire


Runesmith - 122

Shield with Master rune of Ballance

Thane BSB - 155

3 Runes of battle

My characters are pretty tough. The lord will be hitting and wounding most things on a 2+, which is always nice, and with a 1+ re-rolable armour save, I doubt he’ll have to worry too much about being hit. The runsemith provides some much needed magic defence, and also buggers my opponents casting, which is always funny, and the BSB adds +4 to the combat he is in, so I plan to keep that as a nice little suprise for my opponents :idea

20 Dwarf longbeards - 265


full command

15 Dwarf Thunderers 225

champion with brace of pistols

15 dwarf quarralers 195

Great weapons

Core is quite simple. The longbears are one of my two main combat blocks, and will be babysitting one of my characters, as well as being tough and providing some panic protection. The thunderes are my main midrange fire power, along with the organ gun. The quarralers are both some fire support and, with their great weapons, a nice combat support block that most people will underestimate. I was thinking of making them, rangers too, but it didn’t seem worth it

20 Dwarf hammerers (immortals) 325


full command

Runic banner with Master rune of slowness

Dwarf bolt thrower 105

rune of penetration

3 crew

Master rune of immolation

Engineer with brace of pistols

Dwarf bolt thrower 75

3 crew

rune of penetration

Engineer with brace of pistols

Dwarf Grudge thrower (death rocket) - 120

3 crew

Engineer with brace of pistols

rune of penetration + rune of accuacy

Dwarf Organ gun - 120

3 crew

well yeah, the hammerers are my other part of my anvil, and my opponent will need to hit them to gain most of my victory points, as they’re gonna be having a lord and maybe the BSB in there. The artillary is there for some ‘purswasion’ to remind people that staying away from my combat blocks isn’t the best plan.

so yeah, that’s genneraly all of it:)

Auretious Taak:

Tell your club that they are pansy elf girly men if they can’t face the might of the Chaos Dwarves and their massive 2 page Army Book/List. Seriously, why should they have a problem with you doing an army like the CD’s? It’s as much a conversion and modelling/painting challenge as a gaming challenge is a Tale of 4 Gamers Challenge.

I think you should just convert up the CD’s anyways including hobbo’s and stuff them for discriminating against one of the most epic armies around today. :smiley:

Pyro Stick:

Why arent they letting you use Chaos Dwarfs? It doesnt sound too fair to me.

Are you going to be keeping a blog of your army here?

Kera foehunter:

That is weird !! most people don’t care what army you play !!

i would take iron breaker as the immortals


Kera: Ironbreakers are a sucky unit compared to hammerers, the damage potential of a horsefly (compared to what i’m used to anyway…) puts me off them and, as their slow moving attrition figters with no resistance to fear, the enemy will just flank them with a fear cuaser and thats the expensive unit dead. Hammerers don’t have that prblem as long as my lord’s alive, and they can cause some damage too

others: meh, no big deal too me realy, I don’t midn using the regualr dwarf or chaos dwarf list, i’ll still be converting some Bull centaurs and stuff

and my blg is up now:)