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Goltor Lintrepide:

I love the last picture with the red and black Taurus looking at the white and blue dragon, beautiful.


Thanks for the comments! On to turn four…the dragon princes decide that they don’t fancy charging a ranked up rock hard infantry unit in the front (this isn’t 7th ed. any more) and do a runner towards the hobbos instead. After another dangerous terrain test (they have to go over the wall) they are now down to five, including the bsb. Shooting kills a couple more infernal guard. The dragon turns to face the taurus, unable to do anything else due to ashstorm.

The taurus and s-p don’t really want to face an unwounded dragon with an unwounded prince on it and charge the dragon princes in the flank instead. The infernal make a long wheel and move towards the dragon princes. Magic sees breath of hatred going off on the s-p and his mount. The s-p gets challenged again by the unit champion and despite killing him, remains locked in combat due to the presence of the standard and battle standard. The dragon princes reform succesfully to face the taurus.

Here we are at the end of turn four. If the s-p and taurus can survive another round of combat with the dragon princes, I should easily win… Out of shot are the rbts (to the right), hobbos and magma cannon (to the left).


Ohh common, give us the rest :mad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry, I’m not meaning to drag this out, honest! I only got turn 4 up last night before the wife needed to use the computer to do some actual work. I’ll get the rest up tonight.


High elf turn 5; the dragon wheels round to have a look at what’s going on. The rbts fail to kill anything, and as there is no magic phase, we’re straight into combat. The sorcerer-prophet decides to challenge (otherwise everything will be attacking him) and the bsb accepts. The WS6, S6 asf attacks later and the s-p is dead. The taurus passes his monster reaction test but loses combat and flees. The dragon princes reform to face the magma cannon.

The taurus unsuprisingly fails to rally and carries on fleeing. I charge the dragon princes with my infernal guard but they flee, running even closer to the magma cannon.

Here is the end of turn 5, which is now looking bad for me:


And finally turn 6. The dragon princes rally easily but the dragon doesn’t really do anything except keep his 600vps out of the way. The rbts shoot some more infernal guard.

The taurus flees off the table. I try a last ditch attempt at charging the dragon princes with my infernal guard but they are just too far away by now and they don’t make it. The combined power of the magma cannon and the hobbos bows can’t dent the unit either (a 2+ armour save and 2++ ward against fire is hard to get through).

Despite having many more models on the table, a count of vps reveals a high elf victory by 249 points.

A most enjoyable game, but that big unit of dragon princes did me in in the end, killing the fireborn and the sorcerer-prophet. I should probably have just gone for the rbts with the taurus to get the easy vps, although the dragon did concern me, even though it actually only killed 65 points worth of models (the manburner) all game.

Thanks for all your comments, anymore are more than welcome! Here we are at the end of the game, showing all the models still remaining except for two rbts ff to the right: