[Archive] A Trip to the Bunker - Infecting the World!


So yesterday I did a bunch of things. As you may have read my brother is getting married on Saturday. I picked up a gift from his registry list and got a hair cut. I was close to the bunker in Oakville, ON so I stopped by.

I start taking a look at the glass display cases, and what do I find? Chaos Dwarfs! Work in Progress, [[Battle for Skull Pass]] Chaos Dwarfs! He had about 10 Warriors with command converted and being painted, a fully painted Hellcannon, and about 12 Night Goblins modified into Hobgoblins! These were backed up with two units of Black Orcs!!

I asked the other Red Shirt (whose name escapes me now), who’s army it was. He said it was Tyler’s, but Tyler was not working until Saturday (and I am busy then). So Next week I will have to venture to the shop when Tyler is working and have a chat with him!

I had a good conversation with the Red Shirt, and I told him about these forums and what we are trying to do online by spreading the word, and such, our campaign efforts, all of that. He was a big dwarf player and he said he’d like to one day play Chaos Dwarfs if it was redone. He directed me to the new Dwarf book and showed me “The Orphans” paragraph. I shamefully had not read this yet! So I purchased the book.

It really made my day to see someone doing BFSP conversions! It reflects on the great work we are doing here in inspiring Warhammer players! I can only assume he has seen this website, or at least my videos, and if he has not, then wow, nice initiative! I will try to get him to sign up on these forums so he can show off his work!

The more we do as a collective body, the more inspiring we can be to new players! Hashut be praised! :hashut

Thanks for reading! :hat off


Im going there tomorow for the wizard battle (Canadian nemisis event)

Sounds awsome-Ill have to check it out!


Cool! Hobgobbler, where do you live?


mississauga- im 20 minutes away from it


Wow what a small world I’m going to.

HA im gonna make my guy immune to magic.


How are you gonna do that?


That 100pts magic item.Also nice to see another red shirt intrested in Chaos Dwarfs


Wow, make sure you guys look for Tyler! Ask him about this site and give him a heads up about us. :slight_smile:

I live in Mississauga too, about 10 minutes from the bunker.


Heh, obviously Chaos Dwarfs are Canada’s national warhammer army now :stuck_out_tongue:

Master Vampire:

Sounds like I’m the only European around on here. Where is everyone? :slight_smile:

Great stuff about the shop’s army. I might be interested in getting them if they are released again.

Uzkul Werit:

Well, I’m a Brit. It’s not mainland Europe but close enough.


I’m english, and the grimsby store has 3 army cases full of chaos dwarves, thats what got me intrested. there 5 edition too, not conversions


Cool an inshop CD army 5th ed :hat

the chaos dwarfs are coming and the earth will shake:hashut

a beer to each spot of cd instore:cheers


What about us Europeans who live in the US?


i live the U.S I sometimes venture forth to the Sunvalley, CA GW to gather needed supplies. I liked the old manager but he got fired and the hella awesome mohawk dude was transferred… :frowning:

The Slaver:

Im a USer too mate. Though as i live in Bangor, Maine, im virtually a canadian. Unfortunatley, Maine doesn’t have a singel, NOT ONE!, GW Official Store! its a damn shame, soo i have to rely on local gaming group and online store. Uhhhhh…Aint life cruel?

West Bertozzi:

I am playing Chaos dwarfs in events this year also. I am Canadian and will get the CD army in the limelight best I can. Currently I am on top for Halls of Heros points for all of Canada. I won some stuff last year for painting and such with my Bretonnians and have hopes at this years premire events to do the same. Hopefully I will see you guys around.

West Bertozzi


Cheers West Bertozzi! Welcome to CDO!


another brit here

have to admit my love of chaos dwarfs was reborn when i visited the museum bit if warhammer world in nottingham on a random visit. i travel around a lot and always try to get to the GW store, although i was just in coventry and couldt see one anywhere . .


Surely i’m not the only person on this forum who lives in the Southern hemisphere?