[Archive] A wierd boy warped by Tzeentch?


Being a ork player, i love conversions. i thought to my self, why wouldn’t the chaos gods ‘corrupt’ or ‘posses’ a ork? They are much stronger, and much more simple minded. So, I figured i’d make a ork that has embraced the power of the WAAAGH! and chaos… Forming a Warp-boy. I’ll play him as old Zogwort, but in scenario’s, or HQ battles, i might add in a few tzeentch psychic powers.

So far ive got a model WIP, and ill post my entire ork army soon.

To make him stick out in my army, Ill add a purple ink-wash to the whole model, over metal areas, and make him appear somewhat bird like.

Comments are welcome.


It’s a good idea and all.

But even if the ork is under daemon/chaos god control it would probabally kill/fight all its team mates like it would do as a normal ork.

I mean if an ork doesn’t like the way anthoer ork looks or thinks they would probabally battle it out like i said.

Now imagine a powerful daemon ork going on a rampage attacking all that it sees including its daemon overlords.

Anyway this conversion shall be very intresting and exciting since i love both chaos and orcs/orks :slight_smile:


I figured he would demonstrate his new-found power by blowing up a tank in-front of his warboss, and assume a position at his side. So far, he is rising off the ground, in a blue fire. I’m debating on his head piece right now, and his left arm. The right has a warped slugga.

Anyway, I suppose that to a ork, especially a wierd boy, the power of tzeentch would just be to great to resist. And, if anyone upsets him, he could just set them ablaze.


To the Ork he would be blessed by Mork. He wouldn’t bother (or be able) to make a distinction between the two.

And if anyone wanted to comment on his Mork blessed changes the Weirdboy would likely blow the offender up as you say.

It used to be an accepted situation of Chaos worshipping Orks.


Wow, that is a very good point… i suppose to a ork, Mork and Gork could just be ‘Power’ in a way. but the model is nearly done, probaly one or two more days, then ill post him and a few others.

Gar Shadowfame:

i think there is said in wh40k fluff why orcs and haos dont mix


I dunno, sounds like a cool idea to me! There’s plenty of interesting project logs floating around the web about Chaos-themed orks (including a WHFB one on CDO if I am not mistaken!).

Seems to me that the weirdboy might not recognize ‘Tzeentch’ as his patron per se, but that might not really be the point of the conversion.

I trust there will be pictures? :slight_smile:


This time, yes, their will be pictures! But only once he is done.

I figured that the wierd boy would like the ‘feeling’ of the chaotic power.


back in RT, there was the “Possessed Warphead”, a Wierdboy who was possessed by a Daemon. Unfortunately for said Daemon, the Ork psyche is too strong to control, meaning at most it can mutter using the Wierdboy, make minor poltergeist activity, etc. Meanwhile, the Warphead had some additional powers, but other Orks found them even more disturbing than normal Wierdboys, and would steer well clear of them, especially Madboyz!