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this chaos dwarf list from the canadian white dwarf,

what was different about it?



Nothing at all. It was just the Ravening Hordes list reprinted and distributed as a Canadian supplement to US White Dwarf that we used to get. This was before we had our own Canadian version of WD. It had the list and an article on converting CD’s from dwarf and chaos parts.


It’s one of the collectors items of the CD that’s floating around. Like the White Dwarf Presents, or the CD army book. While it doesn’t have any impact on the army now (And most of the info from WD presents and the CD lists can be found around the internet), it’s an interesting thing to have.

Kera foehunter:

so is this a large book ??Let me try a again

is this the same size of a army book with the same amount of pages


No, its a 20-ish page magazine supplement. Its like one of those advertisement inserts you’d get in a magazine, except its got extra articles. Its like a mini-magazine. It was an experiment done by GW to appease the Canadian desire for home grown content, since we really only got the US WD, which did nothing to promote Canadian cons, hobby events or describe Canadian pricing policy, dealers, etc. So this supplement, which ran for about a year, IIRC, contained all of that.


If I won First place, I’d actually grab the magazine supplement just cause it’s rearer that the Avatars of War Chaos Lord Dwarf, Plus it’s not wearing a hat. :frowning:

that aside, it seems like a quite interesting magazine.


It’s just kind of neat for those who don’t own Ravening Hordes to be able to reference the Chaos Dwarf List in a GW printing. Gives it some authenticity! Some people here probably reference a printed out PDF… Hehe.


If I wouldn´t win that GH #8 Competition (what I believe, cause I´m not thr best painter and converter …:D)

would there be another possibility to get this canadian WD List???

Perhaps as a PDF from some of you? :slight_smile:



All the more reason to make a awesome miniature and do as best as you can, “the journey is the reward” my friend.


All the more reason to make a awesome miniature and do as best as you can, "the journey is the reward" my friend.

As you might know ... I have finished my warmachine (and send the pictures) and now it´s no more my decison!