[Archive] Abyssal Dwarf Hellfane from Mantic sighted [KoW]


Mantic has released a view of their new, upcoming monster for Infernal Dwarves, and boy is it a big one! Suitably pompous and rocky, begging for paint. Enter the Hellfane:



Blacksouls with two-handed weapons.[/align]

We’re in for a treat in Kings of War!

Also on CDO: Artisan’s COntest XXVIII


(Okay.  I’m a roll here.)

“Pompous” describes our never-do-well distant relations very well.

Not a suitable term for a mean Son of a Bull that we would be proud to ride into battle on.

Uther the truly unhinged:

Absolutely glorious. I must start saving now! I think I have finally found my counts as chaos mammoth.


That�?Ts an awesome idea Uther


That�?Ts an awesome idea Uther

I will second that.