[Archive] Active Chaos Dwarf Forums around the world


I can’t tell with a couple of these if some of the posts are actually new (because they only include the day and month), but they all seem to be currently active.

English  Chaos Dwarfs




German  Chaoszwerge





French  Nain du Chaos

[Nains du Chaos] La tour du Nain Noir V8 & versions intrieurs [Toutes les versions officielles de GW]


God it’s been so long since I logged on to hand of hashut. On topic I can’t think of any more to add to the list but I will try and have a look round Google.

Kera foehunter:

Sweet !! thanks for doing a great job grims ! * hug *

this is great you posted the links


And in Spain…

Spanish Enanos del Caos

El zigurat de Zharr-Naggrund – Archivo de los hijos de Hashut

:hat off


Sorry, is there a forum with that one? I had a look before and (not knowing spanish) I couldn’t find it.

I have a load more links of CD sites (including that one), but this thread I was only putting the forums on.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

That’s funny!

How many of you guys are on all of these fourms? Which one do you preferr the most? I like this one!

Kera foehunter:

wow there only in England , Germany and France!!


wow there only in England , Germany and France!!

Kera foehunter
Well, most country/language groups are just too small to have a forum for a fraction of the fraction of a minuscule fraction of the population.

At some point it becomes counter-productive to have a "special" forum, there won't be critical mass to keep it going.

After all isn't it better we all get together and inspire and encourage each pother than to section up into a bunch of basically unreadable forums?


TC, times another question gives it also international chaos dwarf homepage? I ask there I a small homepage operate and I gladly would know as other Web master its CZ-homepage constructed. (In Germany is quite small the selections of the Homepagen.)




You mean should we make a global portal for Chaos Dwarf forums?

I.e. One web page, with all the forums links, and ‘Chaos Dwarfs’ written in the right language next to it.

It would be hard to keep it up to date, some forums are not that busy, but it would be very useful for global events.

That would be something very special indeed, and we would be the first warhammer race to do it I think.


These are the only ones I’ve found so far.  A guy over at warseer gave me links for general warhammer ones in brazil and argentina, the argentinians are very busy so there may be one over there.