[Archive] Actual 'war machine monsters'?


I have been wondering of late how practical this would be?


Instead of the Death Rocket being built on a standard chassis with wheels etc, it would be built onto the back/ or into the body of a mechanical beast of burden.

So every war machine would in effect be a monster with a self reloading ranged attack.  With handlers.  You could upgrade them into whirlwind or tenderiser, with spinny/ hammer squashing bits for the extra attack.

I guess conceptually it would be the equivalent of turning the Hellcannon into something more like a demi-giant.

Thommy H:

Isn’t that what I did in my list?


Wouldn’t that make them all basically engine of the gods? It could make it unbalanced. Maybe a monster to help load etc.?


Isn't that what I did in my list?

Thommy H
Not exactly, what you did was to merge all daemon warmachines into one generic category (two sizes), but both still fire the same.

What I mean is similar, but that each warmachine is distinctly different in how it fires.  So it would be like using your rules for the basic thing, but changing the ranged attack for each one.  Basically applying a modified version of your rules for death rocket, 'bolt' thrower, maybe some flame cannon etc, plus a stone thrower hellcannon.

Not sure if all would rampage or not, that could just get annoying.

I don't know how you pictured your warmachines looking either, these things would be actual monsters with legs etc instead of wheels. Maybe a mix of monster with warmachine. The Hellcannon would be a real big beastie! :)

Thommy H:

Well it’s only a modification of the basic idea, which is war machines as monsters. Given that the two (three if you count the Hellcannon) iconic Chaos Dwarf war machines fire as stone throwers too, it’s not like I specifically discounted other variations. There’s just no need to have a walking cannon when they don’t even use the cannon rules.