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AdeptiCon 2010 Registration Now Open!

It�?Ts time to gather up your wargaming buddies and start making travel plans, because its that time of year again!

Online registration for AdeptiCon 2010 is now open at http://www.adepticon.org/cart/.

AdeptiCon 2010 will take place on March 26-28th, 2010, at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center in Lombard, IL, just outside of Chicago. In this, our eighth year, we�?Tre run a jam-packed schedule of tournaments, seminars, and free events to make sure that this AdeptiCon is the best ever. Gamers and hobbyists from across the country and the world will converge on Chicago for a weekend of fun, friendship, and miniature wargaming excitement.

Register today at http://www.adepticon.org/cart/.

The More Things Change�?�

Every year AdeptiCon has grown and added new events, and this year�?Ts no different. This year, AdeptiCon welcomes two new games manufacturers to the AdeptiCon family: Battlefront Games (makers of the award-winning WWII miniature game Flames of War) and Privateer Press (makers of the increasingly popular Warmachine, Hordes, and Monsterpocalypse games).

The AdeptiCon weekend will feature a full slate of events for Flames of War, Warmachine, Hordes, and Monsterpocalypse, including a tournaments, seminars, and free demonstration games all weekend long.

Stay tuned for more information about our newest additions to the AdeptiCon lineup, or find out more and register at http://www.adepticon.org/cart/.

�?�The More They Stay The Same

Our lineup of Games Workshop games remains one of our primary focuses, as old favorites such as the 40K National Team Tournament, Fantasy Championships, Lord of the Rings Championships, and our lineup of Specialist Games events return. Our tournaments, open gaming, and seminars will continue to set the bar in terms of fan-run excellence.

Come and become a part of the largest fan-run independent convention in the hobby. For almost a decade, AdeptiCon has been the place where miniature wargaming enthusiasts from across the country and the world can gather and enjoy the fun and excitement of a hobby that we all share. From humble beginnings to today, our motto remains the same: �?oFor Gamers, By Gamers.�?�

Become a part of the experience! You can view our full lineup of events and register online at http://www.adepticon.org/cart/.

Stay tuned for more news about AdeptiCon 2010! See you in the Windy City!



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AdeptiCon 2010 News and Updates

Wargaming hobbyists from across the country are signing up to become a part of AdeptiCon 2010 in numbers larger than we�?Tve seen in years! With the addition of Battlefront Miniatures and Privateer Press as core events alongside our Games Workshop signature events, AdeptiCon 2010 is on course for our best year ever. Don�?Tt miss out on your chance to experience the fun, excitement, and camaraderie that has made AdeptiCon the largest fan-run convention in the miniature wargaming hobby.

AdeptiCon Poker Tournament and After-Con Mixer

Why let the excitement end on Sunday at 5PM?

Enjoy a fully catered meal and a seat at the first AdeptiCon Poker Tournament/After-Con Mixer! We�?Tll provide the food and non-alcoholic beverages (with the hotel providing a cash bar). You just have to sit and relax amongst friends, reminiscing of battles won and lost throughout the weekend. You�?Tll also have a chance to win some great hobby prizes, with the top 20% of players receiving awards and gaming swag.

So bring your hat, glasses and a stone cold face, because the AdeptiCon Poker Tournament is sure to be the grand finale of the weekend. You can register for this event at -


Learn from the Masters - AdeptiCon Hobby Seminars

The AdeptiCon 2010 Hobby Seminar line-up is, without a doubt, the most impressive set of classes and workshops ever offered at AdeptiCon. A fantastic group of award-winning painters and veteran hobbyists are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you!

Whether you�?Tre a seasoned painter or a complete beginner, AdeptiCon offers a Hobby Seminar to suit your skill level. Classes this year range from basing and vehicle seminars to advanced level competitive painting and airbrush workshops. Whether you�?Tre a complete novice or an award winning artist, we encourage you to take advantage of this year�?Ts great collection of painters, gamers and hobbyists.

Click on the link below to see the full roster of AdeptiCon 2010 Hobby Seminars.


Space in all of our AdeptiCon 2010 Hobby Seminars are limited, so register online today at:


Take Your Game to the Next Level - Warhammer 40K Tactics Boot Camp Level I

Coming into town on Thursday night? Want to be a better Warhammer 40K general? Thought you were missing something crucial in your games? Then this might be the seminar for you!

Join Jay Woodcock and Shaun Kemp, members of the multi-award winning DaBoyz, as they cover various techniques that will greatly improve your generalship, such as:

�?� Ensuring you have a balanced force to meet whatever your opponents throw at you

�?� Determining you and your opponent�?Ts strengths and weaknesses

�?� How to review your opponent�?Ts army list quickly and pick out the dangerous units from their list

�?� Methods to throw your opponent off their game without being a poor sportsman.

�?� Incorporating effective timing for your game actions

�?� Team tournament techniques

The instructors have won multiple Games Workshop Grand Tournaments and the AdeptiCon 2008 Warhammer 40K National Team Tournament. The Q & A session will try to address as many questions as possible. Attend on Thursday night and you�?Tll be able to apply the lessons learned on the battlefield during the many events at AdeptiCon 2010.

You can register for this event at::


Team America Qualifier �?" Warhammer 40K European Team Championships -

Ever imagined representing America in a world-wide event? If so �?" it�?Ts time to step up to the plate!

Eight players will travel from the US to represent our great country in the European Team Championships held on August 7-8th, 2010 in Munster Germany.

Six of the eight slots have been filled. The remaining two slots will be filled through a qualification round held at AdeptiCon 2010. Only players who “opt in” during registration will be considered for a place on the American team. Registration for both the AdeptiCon 40K Gladiator and 40K Championships is required for this qualifier.

So if you believe you have what it takes to represent the US - then read all of the information at the following link and register for the appropriate events:




Register Online Today!

Become a part of the experience! You can view our full lineup of events and register online at http://www.adepticon.org/cart/.

Our host is the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center, with great rates for all AdeptiCon attendees. Rooms are available at the special AdeptiCon rate of $114 per night. This special group rate is only available to AdeptiCon attendees, and can be reserved through the link below:


Stay tuned for more news about AdeptiCon 2010! See you in the Windy City!


TITLE: AdeptiCon 2010 News: One Month and Counting!

Only one month to go until AdeptiCon 2010, an experience that should not be missed by anyone in the miniature wargaming hobby. Individual events are selling out at a record rate. We�?Tve opened additional slots in events when possible, but we�?Tre running into a hard limit on the number of people we can include in each event. If you haven�?Tt yet registered, don�?Tt delay, or you could miss out on your chance to participate in the events of your choice.

Register online today at http://www.adepticon.org/cart.

In addition to signing up for the AdeptiCon 2010 events of your choice, don�?Tt forget to reserve your hotel room. We�?Tve already exceeded our block of reserved rooms at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center, so if you haven�?Tt already reserved your room, don�?Tt delay! The special AdeptiCon rate will only be available until March 3rd.


AdeptiCon 2010 Limited Edition Miniatures!

Remember only the first 1000 people pre-registered will be guaranteed to receive the full swag bag given when picking up your AdeptiCon weekend badge. This year�?Ts swag bag will include the two of our four AdeptiCon 2010 limited edition figures �?" a science fiction figure and a fantasy figure. Our other two limited edition AdeptiCon 2010 figures will only be available to players participating in our Flames of War and Stupor Bowl events.

Sponsor Spotlight: Armorcast

Mike Olenik at Armorcast, a long-time AdeptiCon Sponsor, has taken the time to share with us some of the exciting things that are happening at Armorcast, including some pre-release photos of a new product that will be released at AdeptiCon 2010. Download our Armorcast Sponsor Spotlight at the link below:


Black Library Guest of Honor Spotlight: Aaron Dembski-Bowden

We recently had a chance to chat with Aaron Dembski-Bowden, AdeptiCon 2010�?Ts Black Library Guest of Honor Spotlight. Aaron is the author of the recent Black Library releases Cadian Blood and Soul Hunter. Download our interview with Aaron at the link below:


Support Our Sponsors! AdeptiCon 2010�?Ts Vendor Hall Roster

AdeptiCon is made possible due to the thousands of hours put in by our volunteers, as well as the generous support of our AdeptiCon Sponsors. Many of those sponsors will be present in our Vendor Hall, giving you a chance to purchase their products in person, as well as meet the staff behind some of your favorite hobby suppliers.

1. Black Library (http://www.blacklibrary.co.uk)

2. Gale Force 9 (http://www.gf9.com)

3. Battle Front (http://www.flamesofwar.com)

4. 40K Radio (http://www.40kradio.com)

5. Battlefoam (http://www.battlefoam.com)

6. Armorcast (http://www.armorcast.com)

7. Acheson Creations (http://www.achesoncreations.com)

8. Last Square (http://www.lastsquare.com)

9. Sabol Designs (http://www.saboldesigns.net)

10. Dragon Forge Designs (http://www.dragonforge.com)

11. Old Glory Corp (http://www.oldglory25s.com)

12. Warlord Games (http://www.warlordgames.co.uk)

13. Mantic Games (http://www.manticgames.com)

14. Blue Table Painting (http://www.bluetablepainting.com)

15. Smooth-On (http://www.smooth-on.com)

16. Fox Miniatures (http://www.foxminiatures.com)

17. Blast Radius Terrain (http://www.gameswithoutrules.com/brt/index.html)

18. Recreational Conflict (http://recreationalconflict.lusagi.com/)

Sponsor Highlight: Old Glory Corp

For over 20 years, Old Glory Corp has provided �?oSimply the Finest�?� miniatures, providing the gamer with a wide assortment of miniatures in historical, fantasy, pulp and Sci-fi, along with extensive accessories, all at a more than reasonable price.

At AdeptiCon 2010, Old Glory will feature their high density, pre-painted foam products, including our Dracula�?Ts Castle and Castle System, some unique buildings and our new pre-painted 2’ x 2’ Terrain boards. The terrain boards come pre-shaped including flat sections to rolling hills, rocky outcroppings and boards that contain rivers and road sections. Old Glory will also provide free rule books in the AdeptiCon 2010 swag bags, including a random assortment from Cowboy Wars, Vampire Wars, Gladiator Wars and Samurai Wars.

Find out more about Old Glory at their web site www.oldglory25s.com.

Old Glory is also the licensed distributor for Blue Moon Manufacturing and Crusader Miniatures USA. Old Glory miniatures cover a variety of scales, 10mm, 15mm and 25/28mm, while their ships come in an even wider range of scales. Flames of War enthusiasts will love their two lines of 15mm miniatures for WWII, the Command Decision and True North Miniatures.

At AdeptiCon, Old Glory will be focusing on their foam products, but if there is something in particular that you want them to bring, just email them in advance at oldgloryshipyard@gmail.com and they�?Tll make sure to bring them with so that you can pick them up at AdeptiCon 2010.