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Games Workshop has released Adeptus Mechanicus forces for 40k. It’s too good to be true for someone who likes the oddball bits of 40k, not least regarding the detail levels on the infantry. And oddly enough, Skitarii infantry even seem to be quite reasonably priced in this era of overpricing (our planned Hobbit purchases became almost nil thanks to the joke-of-prices, and if the pattern is a recurring one, it can’t be a sound business decision).

Has anyone read the Codex? Is the background any good? I’d be grateful if anyone can help in this regard. I’ve got too many other projects on queue to dive into 40k modelling, but would still like to read the background if it’s worth the money since I’ve waited for years for Ad Mech to be released.


I dont have it yet but will buy one the next days. GW finally caught me and Ill probably start a little Admech force.

But if youre fluffbound why dont you go for Dark Heresy Supplements like “Lathe Worlds” for example? The FFG products are quite good.


Ah, another brethren of the Cult Mechanicus on the hook? Ave Omnissiah! :wink:

Yes, the FFG products are good, but a friend of mine has already bought most Dark Heresy/Black Crusade books. So as a cheapskate they’ll be hijacked from him instead, for the time being. Later on, when I’ve got a regular work income, the plan is to hunt down most publications dealing a lot with Ad Mech that GW/BL/FW and FFG has published.


. Later on, when I've got a regular work income, the plan is to hunt down most publications dealing a lot with Ad Mech that GW/BL/FW and FFG has published.

Don't forget to hunt down 00110001 when you do then.



I have the iPad enhanced version. Background is nice, some interesting stuff in there, but not an awful lot to flesh out Ad Mech, but guessing that will be in the big Codex(?). They seemed to have changed the fluff slightly to make the FW stuff 40k relevant.


I was held captive by the Adeptus Mechanicus HH novel, and found these weirdos especially fascinating. It’s great to see the range being expanded with such sweet minis. I think I’ve loved every single Ad Mech release thus far!


If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device - Episode 1: Adorable Centurion - YouTube

you might like this D


I`m not sure if you can use the FW stuff for the new Codex because there are no HQ choices at all.

Will the 2nd Codex (Cult Mechanicus) be compatible with Skitarii in game terms? Can the forces be joined? (Ok I know there will be probably no answer at this time ;-)).


I must say i think the models looks great. Seems like they’ve done the mechanicum justice!


I don’t play 40k but I bought some. Couldn’t resist it. Neat figures.


@TheHoodedMan: I’m sure you can join forces between Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus without problems. The Cult Mechanicus probably provides the HQ slots.

Well worth the purchase. Long awaited, well crafted. And there really is a Cult Mechanicus wave incoming. Very nice, though the Skitarii range held a decidedly higher standard.

The Kataphrons and actual Tech-Priests look great indeed, but the Electro-Priests do not convince. There might be a variant in the kit that do, but still, where are all the crazy cables and taser weapons you’d expect? The walkers are sadly a missed opportunity and lack detail like children’s dolls. Well, well, maybe Legio Cybernetica will get a decent treatment when GW update the Adeptus Mechanicus range.


I share your views, Admiral.

I think both versions of the Sicarians and standard troopers are well done modelwise. I like the Char, the Onager and the Kataphron battle servitors, too.

At the back of this poster there is a picture of a Imperial Knight Warden. The model is delivered with an Adeptus Mechanicus icon frame. Aesthetically it fits very well with the troops, but I fear one will need the Imperial Knight codex to play it (not to speak of the model cost of 124 EUR).


Some of the rumours (and that poster mind you,) say that the knight will be a lord of war slot choice but is yet to be confirmed as the rumours have been conflicting.


That would be good. Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii are obviously meant to be combined, but that are already two forces. It would be rather tempting to add some time a big eyecatcher to the army if it`s included ruleswise without needing a third force.


The Congregation Mechanicus would seem to support that. Here’s hopes for the Knight Warden to be included in the Cult Mechanicus codex.

Our friends the big undetailed diving suits have arrived. They look as bland and unfinished as their Tech-Priest handler reeks of raw perfection. Since you must buy the robot kit to get the Tech-Priest, it makes him an expensive miniature indeed if you happen to dislike the Kastellans. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whenever economy eventually allows it and it’s time for some Kastellans, I’ll kitbash them or just buy some Forgeworld robots instead. They have much better executed samples of the look GW aimed for here, even though they could do with some more skulls and cables for that freaky look.


Personally I don´t dislike the Kastelans, but a lot of people seem to do that.

The FW things look great but the GW Admech models, too, at least from my point of view and cost is about half FW.

The artwork from the Cult Mechanicus codex cover is as brilliant as GW`s idea to put Admech to 40k - good instinct (for money ;)).

I dedicated the month May to the machine god this time. I hope my chaos dwarfs will forgive that.


Praise the Omnissiah! 0110-0100-1001 Beep-boop. A new Techpriest Enginseer has been released, true to the previous metal sculpt only better:

As my brother pointed out yesterday, this is a miniature worth getting your hands at if it suits your tastes this well, even with current GW prices. Though optimally it would have come with some servitor henchmen for that price.


Is it just me, or is his leg disproportionately huge? It’s a nice model otherwise though.


Is it just me, or is his leg disproportionately huge?  It's a nice model otherwise though.

I think it's because he has pistons around it. If you look closely you can see a more normally proportioned leg between them, just with a massive foot and kneepad and armour on the thigh. Thing to remember is that it's supposed to be an entirely mechanical limb, as such it doesn't have to stick to proper proportions (especially considering in fluff Imperial bionics are usually described as fairly crude and bulky).


I had a look at the 360 shot, it still looks clunky, but not quite so bad head on.