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Hi there,

Strugeling with my Otherworld Goblin Command.

Want my goblins to have a brown skin tone - like the goblins had back in the days.

Anyone here with a successful recipe. No more ‘you could try’ … ? - as I’ve alredy striped them twice.

And if you have a picture to support your recipe - it would be great.

What I’m looking for is something like this:

Miniature done by fantastic Ben Brownlie


I might be able to help with this one my friend , i have a very similar coloured horses in my woc army, the best bit is its really simple , first paint the model with Khemri Brown then a devlan mud wash then dry brush khemri brown over this once dry and its done , you can of course lighten bits up by adding a little bleached bone to the khemri brown , hope this helps :slight_smile:


khemri brown and wash … hmm! - my first try - and starting highlighting gave way to much contrast - and I really don’t like that when doing skin and faces.

Did you go from white, grey or black primer?

- but might just go back an try again.

Thanks, Loki.

Anyone else with a good recipe?


I like to mix in some Snakebite and a tiny bit of black in the standard skin colour mix


I did my Ghouls and Varghulf with khemri brown, highlighting up with dheneb stone. They are probably paler than you want but the colours might be the right ingredients:


holy smoke that’s nice Bagg (may i call u like that now?!)


I started with a black primer then just the khemri brown , i hate it when models start to lose the details to the face as that�?Ts hat gives the model all of its character , hope you can find a way that works soon as looking forward to seeing that your paint when its done :slight_smile:


Ahh! Baggronor, I do remember that. A fantastic miniature and a beautiful paintjob - what a petty, that this was made before turning into miniature production. Think I’ve already asked you how to - as I have a “Baggronor’s undead skin” note in my little ‘piece of advice/things to remember’ book. I love the colour, but like you said a bit to pale. Will experiment a bit with those - but will probably be looking for a bit more golden brown colour :~


Take a look at this. Skin description is about 3/4 down page one.


Grim pointed this army out awhile back.



Certainly an interesting army and skin colour. Still a very earth-ish colour and would still like it a bit more golden - but might give it a try. Thanks Threadbare.


Well, I did this test piece - khaki midtone, Graveyard Earth shade, Khaki+white highlight.

- but the skin ain’t quite right, or ?? - still think it needs a bit more warmth like Ben’s goblin. Any ideas?


Wash it with a light wash (sephia?) fom GW.


Citadel Washes? :o Pretty sure I don’t want that. Pretty sure I need a different base colour to get it right - and have just ordered a few from Wayland Games - hopefully they will do the job.


Why don’t you want to work with GW washes?


Citadel Washes? :o Pretty sure I don't want that. Pretty sure I need a different base colour to get it right - and have just ordered a few from Wayland Games - hopefully they will do the job.

I don't like them either, they always seem to act like a varnish as well a wash, Don't like the shininess they leave.
Never use them myself, I water down normal acrylic (again not the expensive citadel ones)


Only use washed to glace armour, weapons, metal etc. as it gives a shiny satin look that I dont like. Have only found the black and mud usefull.


I often use these washes, and they very rarely give a shiny look. If you mix them with water, they never shine.

Before their release, I used GW inks + mat (flat ?) medium. This last killed the shininess of the inks.


I don’t like them - but use them now and then - but only for shading. And I would never use them straight out - but do find them shine one certain bright colours. I would never use them as a glace for any colour other than metallics. But thanks for the advice - but will go back finding a base colour with the right tone. Hopefully Vallejo will solve my problem.


its primed black im guessing so, to bring it down a level you need an intermediary colour (that brown looks slightly greeny to me ) so use a very thin layer of snakebite to pick out the raised areas then when its dry

mix up 4 parts bleached bone to a very small part of rotting flesh and highlight either with brown (khemri) or use white to make it seem lighter

hope that helps