[Archive] Advice for a good 2k list?



I�m new here in CDO, and I�m also new to Chaos Dwarfs. I would really apriciate Your advice for a good 2000pts list against Khorne mortal, O&G, Empire and Dwarfs. Thank You!


PS. My English can be a bit weird, though I�m not from UK or USA. I hope You don�t mind.


well given 3 out of 4 of your opponents are tin cans…

i’d suggest you delve heavily into metal magic… spirit of the forge…

apart from that i’d suggest a diverse list…

speed: wolf boyz and BCs

anvil: CD warriors with shields

Cheap: Orc boyz with shields

and artillery: Earthshaker and boltthrowers

Lepreh Khan:

Here’s some good units to use against your opponents:

Khorne Mortals: Blunderbusses. You have about a 15" shooting range on them and you can get it up to strength 5. March up so that they’re in range, fire. Let them march up to you. Next turn maybe move up a little closer, fire again. Then they’ll charge you, so you’ll stand and shoot. That’s 3 rounds of BB fire, their units will be thinned out and the Blunders might win combat.

O&G: Earthshakers & Blunderbusses will work great on these guys as they’ll get to hit a lot. Bolt throwers as well. Don’t forget the power of Terror, a Lord on Taurus will be good against this army as well. I would also get Hobgoblin slaves to tie up his units, and your slaves might actually win against his sometimes.

Empire: I wouldn’t use Blunderbusses against these guys. Wolf Cavalry will be good to take out warmachines & missile units. Bull Centaurs as well. Bolt throwers to take out the knights.

Dwarves: Definately take a Lord on a Taurus & Wolf Cavalry against these guys. Destroy their war machines (especially the anvil of doom) and make them come to you while the Earthshaker is slowing them down to a painful 3" move and Bolt Throwers are piercing their ranks like crazy.

It’s up to you to find a combination that you like. Metro_gnome gives some good advice about taking Metal wizards as well. I will say this much: Bolt throwers and at least 1 Earthshaker SHOULD be in your list.

-Lepreh Khan