[Archive] Advice for a new Chaos Dwarf


Ok I took the plunge and have started down the path to creating my own CD army. Last time I posted I was merely considering but now I know I am going to treat this as my new warhammer project having just finished my ogres.

I’ve purchased the dwarf side of the battle for skull pass set as well as a dwarf battalion which I will be converting. I’ve looked at a generous number of posts podcasts and tutorials but I want to bring all that information together as it seems daunting at the moment.

Now that I have my dwarfs purchased what would you lot recommend as my next step to getting ready for these converts? I know I want to try to emulate the mask style of chaos dwarf with my heros lords and champions having the silly… I mean big hats.

I have some interest in casting and will follow up on that. Nowadays though were do you all find your masks as well as other various useful bits for CDs?

Like I said just want some general advice as to what bits I’ll need or want for CD converts.

Knight Of Awsome:

Many people in the USA and Canada will use http://www.thewarstore.com/but if your in Europe or the UK your probably going to use http://www.bitzbox.co.uk/.

how much converting have you done in the past?have you used any green-stuff before, you could make masks out of that (If your in the USA or Canada i recommend kneadatite green-stuff or Europe and the UK Games workshop green-stuff). The big hats you could purchase the old chaos dwarf models or you can build them out of scratch, using push pins or other house hold items (with a little bit of green stuff.

I hope this helps:cheers


The wiki is a good place to start. This page should get you some good ideas and links to many: [[Chaos Dwarf Hobby Articles]]