[Archive] Advise on taking miniatures on a plane


I have a few questions about taking a flight and bringing miniatures along.

Which is better: carry on or checked luggage?

I don’t really what them to be checked (I have this fear about having them stolen) but there could be a mess of problems with them being carry on (security, dimensions of carrying case).

Any advise?


I put it in checked luggage without any incident, and this is how

Last time I did it, I magnetised all of the bases, and used a metal tool box as my case, with the minis stuck to the bottom and sides, with padding in the middle so if they did fall off, they wouldn’t rattle around. I then put this inside my luggage, in the very middle, surrounded by my clothes ets. The obvious downside is magnetising the bases and the possible restrictions in size. This was for my 40k ork army, so lots of troops and a few vehicles. There was no damage to the minis.

Kera foehunter:

i like to se them get scaned thew the x -ray machine

i say carry on . if you watch the guys load a plain you see why

at least carry on you have them near make sure that the figures are in the right size case before you try it

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i’d say carry it’s much safer


Sorry if this seems obvious, but if you do decide to carry it on the plane, make sure you check with the airline beforehand about any weight or size restrictions for carry-on luggage.


Thanks guys and Kera foehunter for the advise. I checked with the airline and my GW figure case meets the dimensions for a carry on. Yay.

Hashut’s Blessing:

You should check to find out if, when full, it conforms to the weight limit of carry on…

Also, be prepared for them to ask to check it…

Viskar Zhragoth:

My suggestion: Carry. I have had 2 armies broken to pieces before, when I was forced to check them (because I was taking 6 cases!). I had them wrapped in blankets and in other suitcases, and they still got so beat up that I spent an hour and a half gluing stuff together two nights running!

Check your clothes. They get lost, you buy some more. Carry your figs. And hey, if it is like me, everytime they x-ray them, you get to show them off ;-).

One other thing, I have a laptop bag that JUST fits their size requirements that fits my laptop, and 1 fig case. And I have gotten away with carrying the laptop bag, and one case as Carry on many times. (week and a half ago, was the last time).


Seeing as my luggage that I didn’t carry with me (including the figure case I had with me) last time got thrown around with damage as a result, I’d say definitly carry it with you!

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i can imagen it

“what are you carrying in that case”

“let’s just say a lot of guns”


I had no problems with my GW case being a carry on. Yay :cheers

I did see some funny expressions from the X-ray security people.

Carry on is the way to go so long as you don’t have to many figures, IMHO.