[Archive] Against Chaos Undivided:


:hat off I managed to win my first ever battle today against 1500 Points worth of Dwarfs!

I’ve been challanged next week by a Chaos Undivided player.��Id like tactical advice from anyone whos ever played Chaos before.��I was thinking about using my 1500 Point list.��

I was considering replacing one of the blunderbuss units with 29 Hobgoblin warriors with light armour, shields, full command and a CD Hero leader… :idea

1500 Army List

I managed to have a good look at his 1750 Point army list and its made up of the following:

1.��large unit of Marauder foot troops (20 Strong)

2.��2 chariots

3.��Lots and I mean lots of wolfs or hounds? -He places them in front of his knights

5. Chaos Knights- I beleive his general is within this unit

6.��Mauraders on horses

7.��One Chaos Spawn


First renember if u warmachines (bolt trowers) are on a hill, you can shoot over his screen and hit the knights. Earthshaker and death rocket also dont need line of sight

chariots S7 needed so gauntlet and great weapon on u BC hero

hobgob archers could take his marauder knights

and good battle report u made (a bit lucky u got his organ in first shoot do).


Chaos has no shooty units. So march block them, and shake them to the ground, and hit them with BTs. :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

That list looks okay. Use the BB to rip through the foot troops but be careful with those Knights.


Be very careful with the knights. Keep your bts on hill. Earthshaker his but.

:hat off~MM