[Archive] Ah what a score!


The LFGS- (Local Fantasy Gaming Store)- is clearing out stuff for a remodel. As such I nabbed Siege and Coquest, Art of War and Fall of the West for Warhammer Historical for $15 total!

I have the Armies of Chivalry, now I just need the ruleset and Age of Arthur. EDIT: aside from spelling I forgot about the other ones: Shieldwall, el Cid, etc.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

LFGS- is clearing out stuff for a remodel thusly I nabbed Siege and Coquezt, Art oarEar and Fall of the West for warhammer historical for $15 total!

I have the Armies of the middle ages one I foget the title of it, now I just need tje ruleset and Age of Arthur.

Mate, you should really get some sleep every now and then. The above text quality is total crap! ;)


Hehe damn auto correct!

But you are correct: I have not been sleeping well at all lately.


nice haul mate.

I have Fall of the west, not sure why as I wasnt panning on playing the factions. I do fancy trying ancients though.


Yeah I’m not sure I’ll be playing it anytime soon, but I got them for $5 a piece. Two of them
were going for $38 a peice prior to the markdown. Can’t pass that up.

Now if I can get ST1- Up the Garden Path a D&D module from the 80s for that much… :wink: kudos to anyone old enough to get the “in joke”.


Damn if you could get up the garden path for $5 i think I would go down ot that store and buy the entire contents … That thing last time I saw a mint copy of that the thing sold for over $2000 on ebay… The seller had it all in crazy over the top stlye pictures showing all the printing flaws and a few tiny specks of dust upon the pages in crazy HD pictures I thankfully had beer and pretzles to spend my hard toiled coin on at the time.