[Archive] Ahh to be a newbie again!


Right at the risk of sounding horrendously idiotic I need some help, I’m new to the site, and new to Chaos Dwarf’s in the sense that i’ve only made four warriors… I don’t like what i’ve made since the beards have turned out all wrong and they just look like dwarf’s with chaos insignia and helms :S in other words, they look awful. If anyone, anyone at all has got any tips of the trade, please feel free to pummel me with it, i accept that there will be a few snide comments haha, but to be expected for someone crying out for help.

Thanks All


Hi welcome to the site i dont think you’ll get many snide comments here.I think not many of us have a need to feel superior by belittling others.:hat

If you post pics people can see whats going wrongwith your beardsbut it may just be easier for you to watch xanders vids



cheers very much canix, shall do so, when i can find my camera :S, and watching xander’s videos as i type, thanks for the advise. Much appreciated

Kera foehunter:

I say watch the vidios and search the whole site for ideas. These guys are great!!!


I get by with a little bit o’ trial and error. And xanders vids of course!!!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

And keep trying. I didn’t plan my CD much in detail, I just started sculpting and eventually liked (most of) the results in the end. ^^


i feel your pain brother. start off simple. dont try doing the crazy creative ornamental beards until you really have the hang of everything. and, xander’s videos of course.


I just studied various pics, was inspired by other people’s great work, tried it out for myself and your unique style will come through eventually

A bit rich from someone who has only been collecting CDs since Conflict North! :stuck_out_tongue:

Kera foehunter:

Just buy you some green stuff and go for it . Just surf the site and you will find everything you need to know


Make sure you check out [[Chaos Dwarf Warrior Conversions]] on the wiki