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Greeting all, well, having near enough finished my other army, i am ready to start getting down to the nitty gritty of the dawi zharr. Rather than go back over what i’ve already posted both on here and HoH, i’ll just continue with anything new, or the older stuff once based. I haven’t been able to get round to much more than deciding on the basing scheme and some other things, but hopefully this time round i’ll get it done. The deadline being next year i’ll be living in France, and as big as warhammer is over there, i shud probably get around to learning the lingo. So without further a do, on with the pictures

The finished base, not much special, lots of rocks and bones. These in particular were scavenged from stuff from a free Kroot and slicing apart a Heroquest skeleton

and how it looks when ranked up. I’m still unsure about it, what are your thoughts. Does it just look like a bunch of dwarfs standing on boulders?

posted him over in conversions but this shud give u a sense of how the hobgobbos will be modelled. I’ve decided to go back over them and reinforce the arabic theme. Time consuming, but it should payoff with the army unity overall.

Cheers, Al-Hash

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Love the bolt thrower - is it scratch built? I take it thebig hats are pen tops?

Kera foehunter:

great big hats i like the baces


They look great, lots of character


I love this army theme. Very original, and a slave for you. :slight_smile:


thanks for all the kind words. Just about to head home for 2weeks of xmas so if it goes a bit quiet this end then that is why, but managed to have a little spare time last nite and so knocked up a howdah out of gorkamorka parts for my mumak/hephalump mounted earthshaker.

Bit sketchy (MSpaint :frowning: ) but hopefully u’ll get the idea of where this long term (and long suffering) project is going.

Does it look better with or without the armoured front of the hodwah? I have another trukk piece (not pictured) that could fit the bill better.

Merry Christmas,



I think you should take a look at the Forge World Mammoth for ideas on armour plates etc.

Could look nice with some bodies hanging underneath on chains?

I think it needs to look more spiky.

Pyro Stick:

Looking good but why are they standing on green stuff? WHERES THE LAVA!?!?!?!?


That is one badass elephant!


Cd elephant. Thats brilliant. Did you did because of the historical background or just because it look so good?


They look very nice.

I assume the green stuff is toxic waste. It makes an interesting change from rock and lava.

Ghrask Dragh:

Great idea for the Earthshaker! more spikes and a bigger cannon though :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

I assume the green stuff is toxic waste. It makes an interesting change from rock and lava.

I dont think toxic waste works that well with chaos dwarfs. Its not like they have any big chemical plants pumping out waste.


I’m afraid the green stuff they’re standing on is just that, green stuff. Haven’t got round to painting them up yet, and i’ll remove some of it as i went a little overboard. Don’t want them to look surrounded by lava.

The elephant was again due to the persian/babylonian theme. Unfortunately, aside from a giant there isn’t much it could represent. So i decided it would be used to lug the earthshaker around. Essentially, he is just scenery in this context, which is a shame.


Great stuff fluted bighats and the elephant thats just so cool an idea like camel mtd blunders anyone he he:hat off


I dont think toxic waste works that well with chaos dwarfs. Its not like they have any big chemical plants pumping out waste.

Pyro Stick
i looked up my WD presents:CD and it sais about the river ruin :
"the cold river enters the city from the north and it is put to use cooling the huge forges of the CD sorcerers, powering the steam-driven engines, and flushing the effluent of industry out to the south. where it leaves the city the river is stained red and yellow with filth, laden with noxious sediments and its steaming water is thick and poisonous. a foul yellow cloud hangs about the river and its banks are choked with drifts of spectacularly coloured pollutants"

...it does sound a bit toxic to me:)

Kera foehunter:

great job i like the elephant.I like to see what the elephant will do when you fire the earth shaker canon.Sweet idea!!


Like you (hob)goblins all of them is very cool, but the best of all is your elefant idea - is it taken from Lotr or is it more historical???

Anyway kodos to that of your work keep it comming :slight_smile:


War elephants FTW! Really cool!


Well, time for an update after a break and i’ve got a bit of painting enthusiasm, and more importantly some time.

Here’s two slaves that came free in a bag of gubbinz

more to come…