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lol I love the Podhammer topic titles and blurbs not to mention the begining of the podcast they sound like they have taken a page out of ‘picture magazine’ (it’s an australian magazine with naked girls, action movie type writing and gramma complete with swearing and weird articles like ‘check out this shark it’s gonna eat this guy’ kind of articles)

They actully say they were “fan boy duches” when Alessio was in . lol. (I can see why when they got onto LotR moments)

Apparently by Alessio standards I am now a true geek as I have been playing games by myself lately :"> .

Alessio was really good it’s amazing to think how he started with the hobby so similar to the rest of us and then starting the translating. I’ve done a little translating myself at school but I never really thought about the the challanges and improvements that can arise while translating. It was a really interesting thing to think about.

Man and the workload I don’t know how I’d go if I were doing an army book and then all the sudden you have 1 month to do the two towers. Hearing it like that it’s amazing that they were so well put together despite that. And it’s cool to have someone actually admitt that more play testing was needed but time was short.

When talking about the rules and tornaments: “There will come a time when the rules are not enough and you will have use the famous rule of rolling the dice. You have to make it work it’s not chess”. Amen to that. (They are all excerpts but don’t come directly after each other my typing couldn’t keep up with the talking, all from the same few sentances though)

And I think we have all played an over compettive opponent at one piont.

His new project Riverhorse games (insurro?) seems pretty interesting. I’ve always been fasinated by chess and after seeing the moving chess pieces in Harry potter the idea of a war game based on it is intriguing. I love the idea of a wall of pawns coming against an elite army taking down expensive pieces. Thanks to the tips in this I even know where to get my hands on it. I’m already getting conversion ideas for queens knights and pawns (damn yet another thing to add to my wish list)

lol lots of laughs on their back at the end (after those little adds). Swearing on the end lol they are more like picture mag than I thought. Thanks for the link Wallacer didn’t know about these podcasters


"There will come a time when the rules are not enough and you will have use the famous rule of rolling the dice. You have to make it work it's not chess".

I thought it was kind of funny when the hosts suggested that as rules designer he should get to roll a Dice+1 in rules disputes :D


After listening to it I do think some of the criticism towards alessio for 6th ed skaven was not really fair.

To be honest though, I was more interested in the way the design team all approach books.  Alessio was saying that some of them approach it from a competitive rules frame of mind, others from the hobby/background side.  I know the differences in people means this is probably always going to happen, but tbh I’d prefer it if they were instructed to always approach it from the same side.

DoC may have sounded good from a fluff POV, but from a rules side it is a real mess.

The tunnelling turd made me laugh. :slight_smile:


Meh designers come and go but there has to be a overall contr on it or you end up with designers stroking their favorite race: Gav with DEs, Alessio with Skaven.


Gav did both 6th and 7th edition of DE.

One sucked one rocked.

But yeah. If every designer was told to have the same approach, more balance should appear.


Just out of curiosity, which one do you think sucked and which one rocked?? I kind of thought they both stunk but for completely opposite reasons!


I think 7th is pretty OP if you use it in a certain way.


Good interview. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed it.


Just out of curiosity, which one do you think *sucked* and which one *rocked*??  I kind of thought they both stunk but for completely opposite reasons!

My comment was solely related to the powerlevel of the armies. Now, I'm a pretty bad gamer. I know all the rules and I don't cheat, but I still lose a lot. After playing DE for years in 6th, I still got massacred more often than not. After 7th came out, it was my turn to massacre (I even won a little 20 man tournament) because their new rules are so overpowered.

So powerwise, 6th sucked and 7th rocked.



High elves have suffered from the “every other edition curse” one great then bad in order since 3rd.