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So i’ve been procrastinating recently, between uni work and stupid ETC rulling that may never see me play chaos dwarfs and real lack of interest to actually play warhammer - rather than just model and paint models. I’ve decided to dive into a range of projects that allow be to not get bored painting rank and file Chaos Dwarfs and just give me a general change.

Projects in the Works

- Orcs and Goblin Army ( Consolidated with O&G units from my CD army) Chaos Dwarfs Themed

- Mordheim Dwarf Treasure Hunter Warband

- Mordheim BTB Araby Themed Merchant Warband

- Mordheim Buildings and other Terrain

- My Experiment - ’ What happens when i allow uni students to paints minis?’

- VC Blacks Knights i’m painting for a mate

Not my works but will probly included

- My Mates Merchant warband completed with scratch built wagon

As a stater, heres a picture of my workspace

Looking a what O&G units i have

Cooking and warhammer always a good mix


Dwarf Mordheim Warband

Dwarf Noble - Longbeard



Hired Sword - Doomseeker models ( too cool of a model not to use)

Quarrellers - converted thunderer models, i know not rather ingenious idea but i find it works, also added quivers

Engineer - Base models given crossbow and a backpack of everything a treasure hunter would need.

Old ‘king’ model that im converting to be a clansman. twin hammer ftw