[Archive] All resin Lammasu (but not finecost!)


Well, except the pilot will be a metal GW figure :wink:

At the moment I have just done a basic putty to attach the head and feet, I will give mold lines a going over tomorrow and go back for a second pass on gap filling the neck, and possibly install the rider (somehow).

I should be receiving the wings on Sunday, which are from a Scibor war bull.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

When I click on the photos, I don’t get a magnified picture so it is pretty hard to tell what I’m looking at. Looks like a lion with a head? How are you going to attatch the wings?

The base, even at this magnification, looks good.

Grimbold Blackhammer

The Odor:

Could I ask for a size comparsion picture with a Chaos Dwarf.


Oh, here is a scale shot

Its based on a mini called ‘el toro hombre’ by some spanish line, it actually has bull legs (and balls!) At the back and a bull humanoid torso, with joined fingers ending in hooves.


That’s pretty amazing. I may have to borrow this. Waht are you doing for wings?

Da Crusha:

very cool lammasu conversion. way to match the base, it looks so similar to the scibor one. the body seems the perfect fit for the head, I like it a lot. do you have the scibor great Taurus already. these guys would look great facing each other. scibor facing right, yours facing left.


Cheers! I did a wing part swap deal with Saxon to acquire the scibor bull wings to put on this guy which i will grab on Sunday, but for a bale taurus I prefer the forge world model, I intend to grab that one pretty soon. If i ever need a third mounted sorceror though (!) I will grab the scibor model.

My inspiration by the way is from the ancient Assyrian art

Although i will leave off the crown, due to the pilot sitting on the neck. I will see if it looks any good having the wings growing out as picturee above when i get them.

Ghrask Dragh:

Awesome idea, this will be good

Kera foehunter:

Great work !!   love the idea
but …that is not the best thing !! i love your work space!! i can tell you have always having great ideas
buy all the other project on your table…

I found my lost brother…


How much work was it to fill in the neck? I have the same models and was thinking about a similar conversion. I’m just torn between the Raging Heroes head vs. GW’s Lammasu, but the Hombre Toro models is awesome.

Great conversion!


took a bit of putty, but easy fill. I need to go back and file it, then do a second fill pass to blend nicer though


I’m going to use the GW Dark Elf Black Dragon Wings. I also have a set of the Scibor wings, but you should check the GW ones out on ebay.

Either way awesome figure!

Now paint it up!!!