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Been playing a bunch of 40k this edition, not really a fan of this edition or the last one really, but became interested in the allies rule in 40k in regards to how it could be implemented in fantasy. If given the choice, what race would you ally into a chaos dwarf army?

Rules-wise, I’d assume that either warriors of chaos or dark elves would be the better choice, warriors because they could provide a solid close combat infantry unit and crazy cheap chaff (warriors and dogs), and dark elves because they have their wide access to magic lores, cheaper wizards than ours, powerful and fast though lightly armored combat infantry, and crossbowmen who could have the flaming banner and shoot over our blunderbuss lines.

Personally, I’d prefer either Orcs and Goblins or normal Dwarfs. O&G to have that classic ravening hordes feel, decent and cheap combat heros and infantry through orcs, cheap lvl 4 wizards, and black orcs. As for dwarfs, I’d use (am hunting) older big hat models to represent chaos dwarfs from areas other than the ones featured in tamurkhan. Chaos dwarf warrior models as great weapon using dwarf warriors or longbeards, chaos dwarf sorcerers as runesmiths, and lords as dwarf lords, etc.

Merely putting out ideas for the inevitable next edition. Considering how fast the 40k rule set was updated (maybe 2 years?), I feel (fear) the next edition isn’t too far away. And considering how GW seems to be crossing the two systems over rules-wise…

Curious to see what you think


I’d ally any Chaos army with CDs as first choice. Ogres or Greenskins, whether free allies or slaves, as second choice. And any evil army like Dark Elves, Undead or Skaven as third choice.

Nice idea for expanding the limited LoA list by using Dwarfs. :slight_smile: