[Archive] Almost pure CD list? Need help!


I’ve already read the similar thread concerning a greenless CD list, but I was wondering what suggestions I could be offered. I play Skaven already, and my opponents will be DE, Drawfs, and Lizardmen with dogs of war.

Could you just give me ideas and advice on what -you- think would be appropriate for either 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 pt list


2000 point all CD list

CD Lord w/ Black Hammer/ Furnace armour

BC Hero w/ Gauntlets/ Ghazack Armour/ GrWeapon

Lvl 2 CD Sorcerer, 2 Dispel

Lvl 2 CD Sorcerer, 1 Dispel, 1 Power stone

2 x 21 BB w/ Command (7x3)

2 x 20  CD w/ GrWeapons (5x4)

Earth Shaker

5 BC w Command/ GrWeapon/ HArmour

or Drop the BC unit and add a Deathrocket and 2 Bolt Throwers.