[Archive] altar of chaos Dwarf

Le Mulot:

Hi All,

Here is my prototype dwarf chaos altar, all your comments are welcome :



That is very nice. That blue is very contrasting.

Kera foehunter:

Nice , I like the paint job it looks very much Chaos. I like the flames on the alter .

The alter is done very well to .It was worth the time you put in to this Le Mulot

Goltor Lintrepide:

Real great painting job on it, bravo. It just doesn’t fit in a chaos dwarf army I think, too much chaos-ish.


Real great painting job on it, bravo. It just doesn't fit in a chaos dwarf army I think, too much chaos-ish.

I agree..


Very cool. I plan on doing something very similar with a forgfied and Necron ghost ark blaster cannon thing ( don’t play 40k) to convert into a Hellcanon.

Do you have any wip pics of how your models went together. I would be very pleased if mine looks as good as yours once completed.


Great work but i have to agree, I think its way more like a chaos warshrine but that just my take on things.
i think i just expext an alter to be immobile, not mounted on a beastie
Maybe it could be a CD Palanquin

Le Mulot:

This convertion was done to my army that I play with chaos dwarves chaos ally. Otherwise sorry but I do not have pictures of the steps intermediaries, but I did not do much apart cut stacks on the back of the big thing to have a flat suface to paste the altar.


That looks awesome, I see you also added in the Raging Heroes girls, I’m also a fan of that model. Having elf princesses as slaves is a real big “eff you” to those pointy eared floosies lol


Great work on your model/conversions!! I just finished painting a maulerfiend for my destroyer model

Ishkur Cinderhat:

That’s awesome, and of course quite chaosy since it uses chaosy parts.

But why do you call it a prototype? It looks pretty much finished to me. :slight_smile:


Yep I totally agree, Great work.

I don’t know though what I would do… I’ve always been so frustrated with the chaos alter (I love it, but never have luck with it) so I’d be more inclined to make it chariot/carried alter by chaos warriors (might even be cheaper to just buy the bits). I do think you made it a lot better by having the forgefiend carrying it rather then those… well whatever they are.

Still great conversion and definitely better then the GW original!

Mad Dave:

that’s a really nice center piece :slight_smile: