[Archive] Alternate paint schemes for horrors?


Although they are quite far down my list of things to buy, I quite like the idea of collecting some horrors.

After looking at those plastics, what I’ve been wondering is how you could paint them to actually look horrifying, and what I decided was that painting them a bit like tyranids may be the answer.

Mainly black, but with some hints of purple and pink.


Thommy H:

Paint them like fire, with reverse higlighting. You could do different colours, but all going from white in the recesses to black on the raised areas.


Perhaps something with metallics? My mate has been experimenting with mixing metallics into his colour schemes with some surprising results; his metallic sheened Cold One is quite cool (sparkly greens).

Or maybe some directional lighting effects; glowing eyes, flaming arms, etc? As they are Plastic, you could even try melting them into each other :o


I like your black idea, like oil with light hitting it, creating a bunch of other colours on its shiny surface.


The black idea gets my vote as well sounds cool :slight_smile:


I would say black and an electric blue.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I’d go with several different Citadel washes - painted somewhat overlapping to create different shades on each model and create a truly chaotically coloured unit that still has a very unified scheme.

If that makes any sense to you, that is. g


If you’ve got the time, I’d suggest giving each one an individual scheme. Not only will each model be truly unique, but there’s two other advantages:

1) it allows you to experiment with new techniques

2) such a varied unit is very Tzeentchian