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I have an interesting information. But my bad knowledge of language doesn’t allow to publish it in full. But I will try to write  : Я�?

We in Russia have an interesting firm the TEHNOLOG.RUTEHNOLOG.RU - Toys with stories - Ïðîäóêöèÿ  
(Firm site unfortunately only in Russian)
Which lets out variety of inexpensive sets which it is possible to use for acquisition of army СD and for conversion. Here some variants.

Conversion Hellcannon

There is a set of tell-tales in which complete set the gun enters.Very good and inexpensive variant for conversion.
Cost of such set of all - 6 usd

Here other guns of this firm

The firm lets out interesting sets of tell-tales. For example Minotaurs, Centaurs (In sets on 4-5 figures of tell-tales), cost of each set doesn’t exceed 4-7 usd.

Hashut’s Blessing:

That’s an excellent find. The models seem ridiculously cheap as well! What sort of scale are they compared to GW models? Know how much postage is to other parts of the world (if they ship outside of Russia too)?


(if they ship outside of Russia too)?

Hashut's Blessing
No. But I can п�?омо�?�O with acquisition and sending.

I know that some sets are on sale in the European Union countries in toy shops. The size (height of miniatures) 40-50 mm


I have just realised why I cannot view your pictures by clicking your link Zonk, our router at work blocks anything from Russia :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting discovery. Look forward to more info and updates.


All photos are located on my page in Russian social network. To me so easier to have photos.


I’d be interested in the minotaurs, as well as this: TEHNOLOG.RU - Toys with stories - Ïðîäóêöèÿ - CASTLE CRAFT - "Ìèð Ôýíòåçè" I didn’t see a price for it, however…?



I looooove ebay!

edit:  first was an ended item

Claims to be 28mm scale.


This is the bigger version


Thanks! actually this is the one… Still cheaper than the GW fortress… http://www.ebay.com/itm/CASTLE-CRAFT-World-Fantasy-48-soldiers-28mm-NEW-/290646139266?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43abdc2182#ht_1684wt_1396


Follow this down to the bottom of the page…


Shows the size comparison of the castle, and a nice suprise at the end


Now I’m DEFINITELY interested! thanks! :smiley:


All photos are located on my page in Russian social network. To me so easier to have photos.  

Yes I can see it from everywhere else but that explains the strange problem I found the other day.


Thanks!  actually this is the one...  Still cheaper than the GW fortress...  http://www.ebay.com/itm/CASTLE-CRAFT-World-Fantasy-48-soldiers-28mm-NEW-/290646139266?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43abdc2182#ht_1684wt_1396

All is correct. But it intermediaries at which sell the prices above. Figures in scale of 45 mm instead of 28 mm

The full catalog of production TEHNOLOG.RU


Quite nice. A good alternative to the GW fortress.


I badly know English but I will try to explain. I have specially bought one of sets. It is Russian wargeim each box is called “fights �"ен�,ези” contains tell-tales, the rules, the destroyed buildings, and one gun either the thrower of stones . Tell-tales different: there are skeletons, is Elves , there are goblins, there are people.

Example: the maintenance of a box 1) the destroyed buildings 2) figures Elves (I have bought эл�O�"ов) 3) a gun and shells to it. It shoots shells, in a barrel there is a spring, charge and shoot on tell-tales 4) game rules. Having bought different sets you receive different armies. I think it for you not important, after all tools are necessary to you only. Cost of such set of 7 dollars. Height of figures of 52 mm

These sets are on sale at us in shops and stand from 6 to 7 dollars.

You understand me?


That cannon is quite cool looking!


I like all the gears and the mechanical look of the cannon, but the barrel isn’t quite so impressive compared to the rest of it. Some of these cannons look like they’re spring-loaded and meant to shoot something, so maybe that’s the reason.


Any news on the other sets, Zonk? Kinda eager to order something … :wink:


I’ve seen that castle in a shop near me. My son kinda needs a castle, but his birthday isn’t until August, maybe I’ll just get it.


I like those Minotaurs more than I like the current GW ones…