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My old site darkshadowgames is no more, so I figured it was time to get these bad boys loaded somewhere again. Pardon teh clutter I literally put this together in 5 minutes. I’ll be improving it as time allows:


If there is enough interest in this I’ll sticky it.


Hehehehehehe I like the Samurai list, quite similar to mine in fact. I’ll turn a blind eye to the martial-artist-no-armour Sohei :slight_smile: They very much wore armour irl and usually used naginata for HtH. I might upload my one if I can find it :hat off


I should add I also have a Estalian and Norse list.

Kera foehunter:

willmark !!! wow great file !!


2 things:

1- Live to Estalia (= Spain)

2- I have done an excellent (jeje, yes, mine) codex of catay for the 7th edition, but it’s in spanish. It’s very complete, with a lot of extrange and exotic units (like catayans are) and a lot of special rules done by me. If someone wants it, say it.


Along time ago I also started on a Araby list but never finished it.


C.A. forces are easy to do for various nations:

Cathay - High/Dark elves, DoW,

Nipon - High elves, Bretonians (admitedly this would mean all your samurai are mounted)

Araby - Any army with fast cavalry as core


Cathayan Terracotta Army = Tomb Kings.

Cathayan monkey Army = Beasts of Chaos

Darkest Ind = High Elves

Hobgoblin Hegemony = O&G

Dolgan Horse Nomads (old-school, pre-chaos) = Warriors of Chaos

Fimir = Warriors of Chaos?

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Fimir would be lizardmen, beasts of chaos, or ogres. I’ve written a couple lists, let me dig them out.


Updated with the Norse List.

I am aware that there are some formatting issues to take care of with these, but they are really low priority in all honesty.

zorn sabretooth:

in the words of Oliver twist

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