[Archive] Alternative BC and DS- Bears or something


Hi guys,

I’m restarting my CD army, and want to have about 10 BC in it. I all readt have H/S, and GW dwars+BB. I have the heroes and expect to buy the bull moscal from scibor. I also have som goblins and expect to make more of them.

The k’daai destroyer is an easy fix - ill figure it out, and the other K’daais gonna be some elementels.

But Im at a loss with the BC. The original ones are way to expensive, and as I am mixing RA, and FW and Scibor (I use orinally BB), I would like to have a more modern feel to my BC. Besides I want to have an more alternative army. I was thinking of using bears or boars or something and then convert dwars on them, but the only models I can find is like 5 GBP a piece, and that put me over 50 pounds for the animals alone. I think thats too much. Do you guy know where I can find some animals for BC that would cost something less - maybe 2-3 pound a piece.

A second problem is, that i feel the DS is looking a little to oldschool next to the new magma cannons, so I would like to upgrade this as well. I was thinking of using the FW, but given that I need two, they are going to be to expensive as well. What are you guys using?

Kind regards


Thank you, friend !

I will defintly look into that :slight_smile:


Have a look in the Bull Centaur Gallery thread! :wink:

There you can see some great conversion! :hat off



I was thinking chaos dwarfs riding hellhounds cavalry, but I haven’t worked out how to do it yet.


Do you know what size they are? They have a big place to fill after all :slight_smile:


I also found theese!



Not a big fan of mantic miniatures but I prefer playing kings of war, which means mostly I don’t need to worry about individual model size, just unit footprint.


Not a fan of Mantic myself…