[Archive] Alternative CD Lord/Hero

Father Grumpmas:

I got an order of miniatures from Heresy yesterday and I had ordered two of the below for a laugh.

A lot of you have probably seen this before so I apologise for re-posting but it is a nice wee mini - very crisp detail on the cloak and it sort of blends in with 3rd edition CD figures.

The mini is three parts - main body, head, and sword hand (or a football hand for BB players). It would be very easy to graft new weapons on to it.

Anybody convinced? - a bit sci-fi I know.


That is the miniature I use for my Chaos Dwarf Lord.

He looks good on the tabletop and usually elicits a smile from my opponents.

Father Grumpmas:

Do you use the football? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hashut’s Blessing:

What prompted you to get two? One to keep original and one for converting? How will you convert it, if you do?

Father Grumpmas:

I thought one might get a staff and head modification to turn it into a mage.

The other thought was to find a TIE fighter model of the right scale and do a particularly dumb Lord on Taurus conversion (he would be riding, not flying the fighter).

May the farce be with you?


hm, would need some converting and another colour sheme (not darth vader-like ^^), but could look good (and all in all, funny :D)

okay, let’s talk about alternatives, how about these reaper guys:

nice sorcerer


evil lord


a lesser, but also evil lord


something… evil :slight_smile:


and something else… mixture of sorcerer and lord… so why not? ^^



My advice would be to do up the helmet to look more like a metal helm than a sci-fi helmet. Shouldn’t take too much, just a small bit off greenstuff over the mouthpiece with a slit down the middle and the eye-pieces drilled out.

Then file off the buttons on his chest, and you’re done.

Love the model, anyway! :smiley:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think it’d be cool to have the model IN the fighter, or possibly open-topped to show how he can attack. Shouldn’t be difficult. If I can find my old model, I may try getting the courage to hack it up… Or buy a new one. Get it from Hasbro…


Now convert an emperor Palpatine sorcerer lord.:smiley:

Hashut’s Blessing:

That’d be cool, just got to find a model the right scale! He he he. (Yes, because I’M not a Star Wars geek shifty eyes shifty eyes)

Father Grumpmas:

An entire Star Wars themed CD army - how cool(?) would that be.

CD - Emperors guard

Hobgoblins - Stormtroopers (they are pretty crap and no-one cares how many die)

Wolfriders - scouts on speeder bikes/ stormtroopers on lizards

Orcs/Arrer Boyz/Black Orcs - assorted bounty hunters

Sneaky Gits - Scout troopers

Bolt throwers/Death rockets/Earth shakers - assorted heavy weapons teams

Bull Centaurs - assorted Sith baddies on speeder bikes

Oh, the horror of it all :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Stormtroopers are only crap because they have to be so the heroes survive. In all other scenarios, they kick arse! The lizards are called dewbacks. I now have plans for a secondary army of CD, based on SW! W00t!

Father Grumpmas:

All you need is an Ewok themed BOC army and you can recreate the battle of Endor.