[Archive] Alternative Dwarfs / Chaos Dwarfs


I just found the webside with these dwarfs:


Some examples:

Not bad and quite cheap!

I’m not sure but I think the designer had posted (here at CDO) some of these minis - I wasn’t able to find them …



Wow, that is an EXCELLENT find! Those masked ones would make good Ironsworn IMHO, and the site has an individual gun crew, which I have been looking for for awhile! Thanks!!!


They don’t seem quite bulky enough, but I really like those shields.


I’m sure we’ve had them on here as greens. Can’t recall who made them now though. I distinctly remember the weapons which I decided really wasn’t my cup of tea. Way too boring (though authentic).

Bronze Bull:

I’m loving these models! If anything I love them for their great variety beyond the Norse standard many dwarf models have. (Yes, I am familiar with the Dwarf myths but I still like some variety!)

Blue in VT:

I agree completely! They are quite special. If I wasn’t already wwwaaayyy over invested in vanilla dwarfs I would certainly get a whole batch of these. They are great.



They rock!

Alas I have used Scibor minis byt they are very good Persian/Assyrian dwarves.


I ordered several when this thread was first posted and I haven’t gotten them yet… :frowning:


Scratch that, I just got them today, and they look great! They even included a free sorcerer! :cheers

So, for those in the US ordering, it took about 12 days from order to delivery, which is not unreasonable. I’m just impatient. :wink:

Blue in VT:

Please make sure to post some pics when you have some painted up!




heh, quite a bit of character. I like them


I like them…

I just wish they were more armoured??

I absolutley love Baggronor’s dwarfs…

When are you gonna make/sell bull centaurs, Bagsy? :hat off

Bronze Bull:

I would argue that the robes are covering up their armor. Overall the are amazing figures!

Kera foehunter:

I love the first group of dwarfs!! love the swords