[Archive] American Civil War - 15mm


Alright, doing some American Civil War. Needed a break from Warhammer, though I swear I will get a picture of the finished dragon soon. Plus I still have to paint the tower for fun too. However, the ACW stuff is a very nice break. It’s 15mm and my favorite historical period to wargame. Picture isn’t the best as I took it with my iPod and I will get some better pictures soon.

Three regiments are done, though a few stands are left overs from my dad’s ACW which I touched up. Two more regiments to go and Armisted’s brigade will be done. I’ve got two of the old Empire books that give very detailed orders of battle for ACW including manpower, troop quality, as well as weapon (not all had Rifled Muskets, especially in the early war).

For rules I’m using Fire and Fury (both brigade and regimental). Primary rules will be the regimental system. I like it for a few reasons: the nice thing about regiments is it will give a bit more character. Seeing the 53rd Virginia, 20th Maine, or 2nd Wisconsin has more character than simply “Armistead’s Brigade” or “Vincent’s Brigade”. Plus I feel like working at the regimental level feels like just the right scale for ACW. The brigade rules have the advantage of allowing seemingly larger battles letting the higher ranked officers come into play. Regimental F&F can allow for quite some detail, but I won’t be using the more complex stuff like time of day (most players don’t).

I’m working on the Confederates first as I have more of them. I can get them done and get a sense of where I am at. Plus they’re actually a little slower to paint, due to being less organized. While you’re less likely to be ‘wrong’, you have to avoid them being that uniform. The Union will go by much fast as they are uniform and can be industrialized.


Cool, historical is always nice to see! Im working on a historical project myself, Battle of Helsingborg 1710. :slight_smile:


The south shall rise again, big fan of ACW gaming :slight_smile:


Chico, I’m a Wisconsin guy! I’d have been wearing blue. I will be including the Iron Brigade eventually, as they’re the best brigade in the Army of the Potomac. I will also have the Texas Brigade eventually, to give the Rebs their crack unit.

Tjub - I knew you would love this! I have been wanting to do historicals more and more as that is what I grew up playing. Plus I love the 15mm scale, for many reasons (makes it look like more guys on the same space, quick to paint, etc). 15mm also works nice for ACW and WWII as it can make up for the ranges of the weapons that would be ridiculous at 28mm. I’m also doing some WWII (Flames of War, I much prefer Battlefront… but FoW allows for easy to find games and tournaments). German mid-war armor company. Would have gone Soviet mixed, but too expensive for me. Wouldn’t mind doing American or British armor either, but also expensive.

I have been tempted to go a little anachronistic and get some British, French, or Prussians (probably modeled off the Franco Prussian war of 1870) to fight the Americans. :wink: It’d be too silly that I doubt anyone at a con would want to play. We have 6mm Franco-Prussian War stuff though.

I highly recommend Fire and Fury and its varients for anything as early as the Seven Years War through Franco-Prussian. Its quick, quick to teach, and smooth. They have both brigade and regimental versions.