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In reply Jervis was sympathetic but non-commital. He stated that DOW had been overlooked for quite a while and that several ideas were being thrown about. Unfortunately he stated that whilst something would be done, we were not to hold our breathes. Chaos Dwarves appear to have beat us to the punch. This is courtisy of the Inquisition del cobra and Horus. So at the end it is saying that they are currently working on a chaos dwarf army list.


do you have a link to the full post?


We’ve always known they would re-do chaos dwarfs. This just seems to show that they are putting us off for as long as possible


just an army list or a book as well?

also-they work on stuff for long time-an announcement probably wont be out untill late next year


I agree, they’ll probably kick around this idea for a while before they actually get down to business.

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Still, got to feel sorry for those DOW players. On their main forum, a few were mad that we could be getting the update before them.

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there are a couple DOW forums. which is thier main forum as uzkul had mentioned?


DoW have at least got some new units like Cursed Company, Ogres and Ruglud’s Armoured Orcs to name a few. CDs have had nothing since Ravening Hordes. I think personally its pretty fair that we get something first


Ya thats true AGPO.Also heres the origonal post.



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The link doesn’t work for me either, but I think the interview he is referring to is this one:


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Found it, Wallacer’s link is not the same but is certainly an interesting read


Wallacer's link is not the same but is certainly an interesting read

Sorry, it was just an educated guess on my part :P
If it is different maybe I should stick it in a different thread?


It would certainly justify it, its a very interesting interview. To me people like Jervis represent the concence of Games Workshop - not so obsessed with profit as with promoting the hobby to as many people as possible. Hisstandard bearer column is one of the few readable sections of White Dwarf these days. The one thing I would disagree on is Mighty Empires - at �30 its priced well out of my range. If there were a smaller set available I might buy it. Two weeks from my 18th birthday and with a well paying job, I’m in the same state I was in when I started the hobby aged seven: Priced out of most of the range and waiting for Birthdays and Christmas to make any progress on my armies.


actually i think �30 isnt too bad, because its the kind of thing you would buy between you and your friends and share. To be honest compared to other model companies games workshop arent too bad. A plastic 1:35 scale airfix tank etc would be around the same as a predator, and 1:35 scale plastic men are more expensive than games workshop.

I agree jervis is one of those people who have stuck to his own guns through the whole time GW has been changing into some corporate monster!


To be honest compared to other model companies games workshop arent too bad.
I vhave to disagree. First of all, most model companies make their basic troops far cheaper. Perry miniatures Napolionic figures in 40mm work out at �2 a model. These are Inquisitor scale, and made by the Perry Twins, long regarded as among GWs best sculptors. These models are made in the Perry's spare time, and they don't have anywhere near the economies of scale GW do. Airfix are a poor example to follow - they've just gone bankrupt if you hadn't noticed. The Perry's 28mm range (warhammer scale models) work out at 50p an infantryman. Most long term gamers idea of what is "reasonable" is distorted by over exposure to GW prices and marketing. Relatively for GW Mighty Empires is not bad, but �30 on top of the vast increases in the cost of their minis is well beyond your average gamer's budget.


The perry’s are cheap. I think genre wise fantasy miniatures, such as heresy and hasslefree, work out around the same price as GW for a 28mm heroic model. Remember heroic scale is a bit bigger than real scale. Then again a heresy netherlord or whatever it was called, and all their big stuff is way cheaper than GW any day of the week.

Ral partha sell the same type of paint in bigger pots for half the price.

I have to admit if i had a budget of say no more than �10-�15 a week on models, i dont think mighty empires would be making it into my collection. There are downloadable rules on the GW website


and you can use any hex based map to play this. I know airfix is a bad example, they are also i think very low quality compared to others that make the same. It costs about �7 for a 1:72 scale challenger 2,whatever brand, which is about the same size as a space marine on bike in material terms. Although soft plastic men are 48 for �5, they arent any good to be used over the 1:72 scale.

If you were to sculpt and cast your own metal miniatures you wouldnt have worked out cheaper than just buying them (including all equipment/materials needed) until you got to quite a large amount. Its fairly obvious what is a rip off and what is a good deal, but unless we want to give up on our hobby we dont have a choice unfortunately.

I think the over increased cost of command models is rediculous. �6 for a night goblin hero is just absurd.


Wow 6pounds for just one modle here in Canada there 18 or 16 bucks for 2 and on the note of out ragus prices $65 for arcion is rediculus you just get him on a horse and on foot.