[Archive] An 'army of a thousand nations'


Just some random musing here.

I’ve been thinking of late that with the arrival of the Infernal Guard and these crazy looking K’daai, my army will start to look a bit like it’s got a random regiment drawn up from every corner of the dark lands.  Units that don’t really have anything at all in common with each other (apart from being CD themed obviously)

I’m a collector and not a gamer these days, but it will change the way I put together units if I know that the chances are I’ll only ever have one of any type of unit.  As a collector I want the units to look impressive, so probably a minimum of 40 models. It’s not such a huge problem whilst my army is still very small, but it will become more of an issue as I progress to that point of needing more than one of each.

It also completely blows apart my army story as I have to keep reimagining it every 6 months or so.  As an example, I have about 6 characters that I’ve written a back story for, but I’ve bought the cool new character clam pack and now I have to try and picture them as the characters I’ve written about.  Which is difficult adjusting to.

I imagine this could be difficult as well for people who play 2 different lists (Indy or Thommy’s and LoA for example).

So with all the new units we have to choose from now (from all the army lists), plus new/alternative models turning up from time to time, how are people feeling about the uniformity of their collections these days?  Anyone else having similar problems to me?

It’s not a problem I’ve come across before in all my years of collecting.


having only just about got a colour scheme sorted I don’t have that much of a problem (apart from poor paint skills).

I’m just envisioning different septs from within the same clan or something to that effect to explain the different styles and choices of weapons etc, including those ridiculous hats that were in “fashion” once.

Thommy H:

Mine’s always been a mish-mash of different styles and I’ve generally justified it (when I’ve felt I had to - which isn’t much, really) by saying they were from different strongholds. The big hats are from Zharr-Naggrund, any that look like mini Chaos Warriors are from Uzkulak, converted Dwarf figures are from Gorgoth, mask guys are from Daemon’s Stump and, now, anything Infernal-Guardy is from Black Fortress.

All that said, in my “current” collection, all the troops are from Titan Wargames anyway, so it’s not that relevant now.


Right now I’m just collecting big hats, so they all match. Even the limited edition hellsmith fits with the rest of my army.