[Archive] an idea that needs shaping


i am going to make my bull tarus “mechanical” so i went with a khorne jugger with the chaos bits filed down. i need help. how should i do the wings? greenstuff, or plasticard or the new HE dragon wings. and if so how would i go about attaching them?


dont bother a new chaos juggernaut is comming out soon, might as well wait and make one out of that.


By “mechanical” do you mean purely “mechanical”, “mechanical” + sorcery/demon binding or “mechanical” + creature.

If a purely “mechanical” conversion is what you desire might I suggest not having just wings as source for lift but some sort of rockets or propellers; maybe even a blimp-like design.


These might help you, the realistic way to do mechanical wings.

Open.jpg (image)

Closed.jpg (image)

CentreDetail.jpg (image)


thanks everyone. i’m working on it. btw, i had an extra jugger so i thought i’d do it now gil.


ah ok no worries, just saying cos the new juggernauts gonna make the best taurus ever