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what if, next gamesday, everyone who goes enters every competition with converted chaos dwarfs, flood the competition with minitures.

theres loads of us from the uk who have good conversions, and some superb ( you know who you are ) what you think? maybe if we make it seem like an accident gamesworkshop might notice the amount of serious chaos dwarf players, just an idea :idea


dont know but i have an idea to use the mechanical steed from empire and mabey put the blarog wings on it. This would make it ike chaosy as it is half daemon and half mechanical thingy. I might some how use some other parts from the balrog to make it more like a daemon.

Just an idea, would love to do it myself but dont have much experience and was thinking that someone with more experience might be able to do it better and make it a masterpiece.

just if you do make one POST IT on the forums.


Will look a horse with this as a head:hashut

or you could just have a A CD Lord on a balrog

EDIT: Plese use the edit button, triple posting is bad. ~Hashut’s Blessing


Just some more idea images




it aint matter as long as its a cd


cant have the balrog in wh tourneys (official) due to the liscence, if seen the model will get taken of the table as with any models for warhammer with lotr bits

Kera foehunter:

Sigh! i don’t live in the U K .But still thinks it a good idea.


Wow thats a bit bad, being taken off the table. Never knew

Hashut’s Blessing:

If I go it, I shall certainly take my Chaos dwarfs and enter as many competitions as I’m elligible for.

Pyro Stick:

It depends where it is next year. Its always too far away for me to go. I would like to go when i finish my army though and show it off.

Uzkul Werit:

We did tghe year before and one unit of Marauder Dawi Zharr won Silver. Madbob entered one unit and there were two more. This year there was nawt.

Kera foehunter:

Chicago is 450 miles away i might have a army next year.But a new school army


I never go to gamesday anymore - its become a glorified store

Ghrask Dragh:

I have been to the last two GamesDays and enjoyed it very much, I always enter Golden Demon so could definetly take down some of my Chaos Dwarfs!

I’m in :cheers


I plan to enter golden daemon this year. The large scale model category.

I’ll also do single mini, but it may not be a chaos Dwarf.

If I get time I might do a CD lord on ‘Great Taurus’ (the new juggernaut). Warhammer Monster category


Im entering Golden Daemon with my fully greened CD Sorc Lord. I just finished him (taken a while) I’ll post some in progress pictures soon.

This years uk GD I saw a regiment of Chaos Dwarfs on a plaque with the helm look and same colour scheme of immahobgoblins army. And whilst I was looking at them I heard someone behind me exclaim in excitment to their friend, “look CHOAS DWARFS, wow” I just smiled.


Well lets face it to most people they’re still a novelty…

Kera foehunter:

Yea i like to go one time and have fun.Well everywhere i go i have fun.


I’m tempted to get a t shirt with CHAOS DWARFS LIVE! or something.��That way when I win the slayer sword I can get a photo of something to do with chaos dwarfs in WD! :slight_smile:

Well everywhere i go i have fun.

Kera foehunter
Where do you live again!?!?��Certainly not in the UK. :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I thnik I may have to copy that idea Grim. 2 problems: I doubt I’ll be able to go and I doubt I’ll win the sword… I’m quite sure Kera doesn’t live in the UK. Not the same as me anyway :wink: I have to MAKE the fun myself :smiley:


Makes a paper big hat and a fake beard for Games Day.

Need cushions for a gut and a big Mustache.