[Archive] An Old Army Seeks Hobgoblin Recruits


Hi all

Just been told about this site by Ghrask Dragh, but I’ve had my Chaos Dwarf army for over 10 years, (they are of the marvelous big hatted variety) and I’ve just started getting back into painting them. Its a large 3000 point army and I recently decided to try and finish off the few incomplete units.

I’ve tried to source them from ebay, but apart from very high prices (and reading the posts on here has given me some indication of how this is occurring), I never see the specific models that I want, it seems easier to buy whole armies rather than just the few single models that I am after.

So, I thought it might be worth a try on here, here are my desires:

2 x hobgoblin wolf rider archer number 2.

1 hobgoblin wolf rider archer number 3.

3 x hobgoblin wolf rider with Axe number 4.

2 x hobgoblin wolf rider with Axe number 1.

That’s it. I’ll love anyone who may be able to help and will happily pay sensible amounts of money…


There are some wolfboyz on the GW site but think its WF archer 4 and one with axe good luck with this


were you trying to say something hobgoblin king? you only posted what ruffen said.


Look at the very end of it, he’s putting his responses in the text he’s quoting.


i dont see a difference but ive been know to be blind. just pointing it out.


Hmmm scratch that. You are indeed correct. Hobgoblin King was doing that in a bunch of other threads so I assumed he did it there too, my bad.