[Archive] Ancient CD Army Book Tidbit


I found this in a Q&A session with the writer of the Skaven army book from right after it was release, which was what, four years ago? Anyways…


Hi Alessio. If I remember correctly, when questioned about a release schedule for army books during your VC transcript, you mentioned something to the effect that Chaos Dwarfs would be near the end of the cycle. As the future of CD’s has been a hot message board topic, I and apparently a lot of other players would love an idea of what the future holds for the big hats…can you comment?


Sure, my comment is "no comment."
Couldn’t find the mentioned VC transcript unfortunately. Not very relevant to any new book news since this is 6th edition, but its still interesting none the less.


Hehe, in the case of Chaos Dwarfs “No Comment” is much better than “We have no plans…”



ive herd that gav may be working on them as we speak :slight_smile:


ive herd that gav may be working on them as we speak :)

Yes, I have been boasting that rumour myself, since I got it from a trusted source. :)


remember Gav created dark elves’ book? and ogres’ if I remember correctly?


Ogres were Phil Kelly!


- Kyte


Still, it could be Alessio the one for Chaos Dwarfs:idea

The Flying Beaver:

Alessio making the CD book… shivers


I like what Phil did the Ogres, I think he could to the CD’s right.


I hope Gav decides to head CDwarfs, since I’ve talked to him and he says that when not if they do them, there gonna use 3rd ed as a base, which most of you seem to think of as the glory days, but i can’t say as it was before my time

Traitor King:

Well, Gav is the main dwarf nut at GW HQ. Also, it was in his book that immortals were mentiioned wasnt it?

These are both good things!

(Also, whats wrong with Alessio writing the book or any of the other writers?)


allesio dosen’t understand ballance, i’m sorry to say, great guy but well, he thinks some realy weak things are fair and some overpoweered things are fair (ratling gun) and he dosen’t like CDs


He is a bit too keen on the outrageously powerful but could blow itself up any minute.


allesio dosen't understand ballance, i'm sorry to say, great guy but well, he thinks some realy weak things are fair and some overpoweered things are fair (ratling gun) and he dosen't like CDs

Gav also introduced the Kolossus in Grudgebearer. The ending was my favourite part of the whole book! So cool... :hat off



tbh ive always thought that gav was the one who produced unbalanced books

ooh cd will be over-powerd then

a quick note on skaven things that exlode are the skaven way, yes the ratling gun needs fixing. and please let them bring back the doomwheel and verminlord doubt i doubt they will unfortunatley


a verminlord is way to powerful for skaven, who are focused on character support and hording, backed up by powerfull weapons, not uber character

agree about doom wheelthough


As has been stated, Alessio is not exactly the heart of balance.

One of the biggest mistakes was having him write the Skaven book, which was, by his own admittance several times over, his favorite army.

I have stated it before and I will again. Any army that has to rely on bad luck in order to lose a fight is not balanced whatsoever. Ratling Guns, Warpfire Throwers, all of these firing into Hand to hand combat with cheap arse VP units or even swarms…don’t think I need to say much about that.


While Skaven rely on bad luck to lose, they also rely on good luck to win.

Of course, that’s what my coworker is telling me to say right now.


at the threat of a sharp pencil im guessing?

but skaven get to kill there own!!! ive killed more of my own troops than my enimies
tbh i dun have the luck as a skaven genral id roal a dubble 1 with a tatling gun every time, tbh i dun have 1 i use warpfie throwers ,

yes cheap units but goblins are the same,

with the loss of the verminlord i feel theyve lost somthing maybe as a specail charecter ?

hopefully the skaven will be balanced in the next book
but skaven are beatable try saying that to a slayer cult or a slanesshi chaos army