[Archive] Ancre's Mordheim log!


[align=justify]Look what I got yesterday in the mail :smiley:

http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/7788/p7050057.jpg (Links lead to better detailled (and huge) pictures.)

With evil dwarves in it ! :mad


They are the dwarves of the black mountain from Black Tree Design. I intend to make a mordheim warband out of them, so I will have to convert one to be a priest and one to be a bull centaur (I don’t know how I am going to do it for this one …). I will probably swap and redo a lot of weapons and see if I can model a blunderbuss or two.

Originally I did not intended to have a special chaos dwarf mordheim warband, but then I saw these miniatures and I just loved them. They look like fairy-folks gone bad, and I think they will do nice chaos dwarves, even if they’re unorthodox looking, without huge hats or a steampunk feeling.

I also bought drunken dwarves for my good dwarf warband, and a warlock (hired sword mage) because I liked the figurine :


I don’t know how I am going to do the informers, I have an idea but I can’t find any model that will look good. As they are slaves being fooled by their cruel masters, I wanted to have a group of models from a lot of different races that could be enslaved by the dawi zharr : an ungor, a human, a greenskin (probably a goblin or a hobgoblin), and I don’t know for the other ones. Maybe a dwarf, and a hobbit. If I can’t find minis that I like, I will search something like greenskins that could fit well with those dwarves.

Apologies for the huge and not so good images, it’s the first time I take pictures of minis, and I am not used to work with pictures on the computer. I will try to paint them (I have yet to figure out a scheme ! ) and hopefully next images will look better ! [/align]


Hehe, gnomish dwarfs! Really cool models, looking forward to see what you do with them… :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Ancre that cool i like there axes and talll hats


Really nice models! You should be able to make a good-looking warband out of these.


I’m really curious how you will convert and paint these minis.

The reason (why I have my doubts) is IMO they look a little bit silly, like typical German “Gartenzwerge” …

So good luck and cool inspirations! :wink:



nice models

cant wait to see them finished

they will make a cool looking warband


Yeah! really looking forward following this.

And yes, these Black Tree miniatures may be a bit cartoon-ish - but I’m sure a bit of GS could change that! Think that they could easily be made into dwarf cultist (‘Cult of the possessed’ look-a-likes) or other evil stunties with a bit of conversion.


if u’ll convert those BTD dwarfs will be nice mordheim unit… those models are intersted


Thank you all for your comments :slight_smile:

I’m really curious how you will convert and paint these minis.

The reason (why I have my doubts) is IMO they look a little bit silly, like typical German “Gartenzwerge” …

ROFL I typed gartenzwerge on internet and you are right they do look like evil garden gnomes (I think that’s the english for it - it’s “nains de jardins” in french, that’s all I’m sure of …). But I think it’s only the hoods on a dwarf that gives them this look.

Anyways, you and clam are right, they are a bit cartoonish ! But I like this look. They’ll also endure my first greenstuff experiments, and greenstuff is hard to wield, so I think they won’t change that much … but I hope they will please you enough !

Here comes an update :


The one on the left had some sort of circle around his hood, so I greenstuffed it into a helmet - it is now a complete circle with a nose protection. I quite like it, this one was easy to do. The ring will be painted metal.

The one on the right had a plain boring hood so I at first wanted to do a ring around it like the first one have. But he turned out to have a thick hat folded outside, it will be painted blue like the hood.

Two more photos of him (the second one is blurry, sorry ! I do hope I will handle that camera well before posting painting pictures !) :

I touched up the greenstuff a little bit since the pictures, it looks better now on the back, and I think it is be smooth enough now. I passed quite a lot of time on it ! :s

Voila ! Thank you for reading ! Ancre :cheers