[Archive] And another one bites the dust!


Hello all fellow chaos dwarfs! Here is another Chaos dwarf that is joining your ranks. I started up this army after for several weeks been cheking this forum and the forum of Hashut. Long has I been even before that intersted but never really got into it. guess its because the lack of models. but with a turn of faith, I learned that a friend of mine had a whole chaos dwarf army hiding in the basment! So quick so noone else in the gaming group took them I askted him to sell them to me(he was himself not intersted, had had them fro several years, never played a game or anything). And he did! So here I�m with a small but nice chaos army(that need to be painted but anyway).

In the deal I got this:

20 chaos dwarf warriors(hand weapon + shield) with full command

16 chaos dwarf warriors with Blunderboss with full command

5 bull centaurs

1 earth shaker

1 death rocket

3 hobgoblins bolttthrowers

16 hobgoblins with hand weapon and shield

1 taurus with lord

1 lammasu with sorcerer

1 hero with weapon and shield

1 sorcerer

around 30 blackorcs and regular orcs(will not use tis, old ones that doesn�t look good)

So it looks like a nice start. guess I can pretty fast get a 1000p army ready that I can use in nemisiscrown

Myself is otherwise a guy who is 31 years old, has played since middle of 80:s but had a break almost in the whole 90:s and started up again in 00. I play both Fantasy, 40k and lot of other games. I live in Stockholm, Sweden and works as a wellfare officer.

Glad to have joined the ranks of Hashut. I hope to get many good advise and ideas from here! :slight_smile:

p.s i like to post a lot in forum, so I warn you :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

It looks like you got yourself a very decent deal with that friend… Glad to see you decided to join our community after all. May you have many useful slaves and a hat taller than you!

Uzkul Werit:

So many big hats! Drools

You sire are a lucky general indeed.


Wow, three HG bolt throwers. That’s nice. I wish I had TWO, but such is the way of life as Hashut’s servant.

Traitor King:

these were all the classic minitures? If so, im might jealous of you sir.


Blimey, I wish I had those bull centaurs. I really want the models but they’re so expensive from GW


yes, they are all the old classic ones so I really had some luck there :slight_smile:


That’s a good amount of dwarfs, how much did you get them for?


Wow:0 What a deal man. You got a great army. I think you got around 2000 points their, especially with 30 Orcs and BLORKS. Freat to have you join the forces of Hashut. Every member will bring us closer to an ultimate goal An ARMY BOOK. cheers:hat off


I payed 200 euro for it. i thought first that it was a little expensive, specially as I will not use the Black orcs but at the same time its models that you can really get your hand on anymore so in that case its ok :slight_smile: also I could pay him 50 each month so then the pain is not as big as shipping 200 would have been.


Another friend from my gameclub just sold me this:

5 Bullcentaurs

1 Hobgoblin wolfrider

4 Hobgoblins

24 Chaos dwarf Warrior

Chaos dwarf command (Musican, Champion, Standard)

Chaos dwarf general on fot


One lord on Lamasu

One lord on Taurus

1 Death rocket

I only need to pay 60 euro and its a great bargain. Now I even have two lords on lammasu and two lord on taurus! I dont even need it but nice to have in case something happends. Guess I was very lucky to get this. Now my army is complete for at leasts 2000p, perhaps even more.


If I were you I’d sel lthe second Lammasu, one is good for novelty value but they’re not all that effective. Two tauruses could rock though


If I were you I'd sel lthe second Lammasu

Yes. You would probably get good money for it either on this forum itself or by selling it on eBay.


I live in Stockholm aswell and would be interested in left-overs! hint! :slight_smile:


I will propably sell the other one so then I can make contact with you norberg. I ahve not yet got them as the guy that owns them has been busy but hopefult his week I will :slight_smile: That will be awsome, now its only a lot of painting to do :slight_smile:


as we are going thru “get a hell-of-bargain” topic, me and my hat were able to get a greatgreatgreat deal some time ago:

taurus w/lord

lammasu w/lord


chaos dwarf hero

chaos dwarf sorcerer

one chaos dwarf from blood bowl

one from 3rd edition

24 blunderbussiers

3 standard, 2 musician (drummer&hornblower) and champion chaos dwarfs

21 hobgoblin warrriors

20 hobgoblin archers

3 standard, 2 musician (only drummers) and 3 champion hobgoblins

8 bullcentaurs (including standard bearer!)

25 black orcs (with metal standard and musician)

for 850 zlotys (about 250 euro)

talk about bargain!


That was not a bad deal eather, good work :slight_smile: