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Kera foehunter:

WOW that’s a great army!!! love the Hooter’s palm trees on the chariot ( just kidding) Tommy H. You have some of the coolest bases Great job buddy


Sweet army dude. I love the base effects as well.

And I can back up that while the USA/Canada version of HeroQuest has the Chaos Warlock, everywhere else had the Chaos Sorcerer. The US version made a lot of changes…

Thommy H:

Okay, so, I just painted up a Chaos Spawn which I’ll post pictures off tomorrow. Now, with the addition of those trolls from Slev (if he gets back to me!) I’ve worked out I have enough to make up 2,000 points with the new Warriors list.

However…I overlooked something. Turns out I only have two Core choices! I totally forgot I needed three in a 2,000 point army. That means I have to get a new one from somewhere, and I figure I have two options.

Option 1: new Marauder Horsemen. Nice models, and everyone loves fast cavalry. Just a handy, sensible flanking unit to balance out the force.

Option 2: TROLL KING! The new special character (which I believe is a Hero choice, but I will have to check) makes Chaos Trolls a Core choice, allowing my (currently hypothetical) trolls to make up the numbers.

Both options cost about the same amount of money, and one is tactically viable. But TROLL KING! I love the idea of being able to field a monstrous host someday, even if it does make the army completely unbalanced and ridiculous.

What do you all think?

Kera foehunter:

troll king!!!that would be so cool. i might have to get that one


Wow, how I missed your new pics is beyond me… they’re pretty awesome. I’m very impressed.

for your “Khorne Khonvertible” I would say brighten the tips of the flames… I’ve never seen “red” on an actual flame. maybe have some crevices in red, but I’d say lighten the tips. :slight_smile:

I dunno how I feel about the base on your flying dude… I like the “concept” but I think I’d want to see more pieces of land… still kinda ‘crumbling’ apart, but larger chunks…

I like horses… make some horses! n.n that’s my suggestion. HOWEVER… you sound like you want the troll king, so I’ll say why add a reliable unit you’re not as content with when you could add something you actually want? :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

for your "Khorne Khonvertible" I would say brighten the tips of the flames... I've never seen "red" on an actual flame. maybe have some crevices in red, but I'd say lighten the tips.
It's brown, actually, not red - and the darkness of it is probably more of an artefact of the photography and image-editing (I automatically set the levels to overcome the lightning problems). It's not quite as extreme a contrast as that in real life.

Oh, and I wouldn't put the darker colours in the crevices: fire is highlighted in reverse (light colours to start with, then darker towards the top), otherwise it looks wrong.
I dunno how I feel about the base on your flying dude... I like the "concept" but I think I'd want to see more pieces of land.. still kinda 'crumbling' apart, but larger chunks...
This is my fault - it's not actually obvious from the photo what his base "is", but because I know what it is, I didn't check for that. His base is skulls, not fragments of land. Originally they were painted white (well, brown highlighted to white), but I redid it as if it were fire, so they look like flaming skulls. Like this:

That's what I was going for anyway.


I would go for the trollking, just for the cool factor

Thommy H:

Kronos the Disfigured

Kronos was once a mighty warlord of Khorne and the master of the Destroyer Cult. When Xavier arrived, he wished to take command of the warband and challenged Kronos to single combat. Xavier was victorious and Kronos, defeated and humiliated, was punished by the Blood God for his failure: he was mutated into a vile Chaos Spawn. To this day, even centuries later, it amuses Xavier to drive Kronos into battle at the head of the army that was once his own. For his part, Kronos (in the tiny portion of his mind that retains any consciousness) only seeks to take out his maddening fury on anything in his path and, eventually, to be put out of his misery by death.

Kronos is a classic spawn model painted in Khornate Kholours. He’ll have the Mark of Khorne in the new list.


I like everything you do with lava. you should make a lava beast, just so you can paint a whole thing as lava. neat stuff.

and I see what you were going for now with the base, although now it’s too late, but a concentration of skulls may have been better, like a cluster. but a great concept. :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

and I see what you were going for now with the base, although now it's too late, but a concentration of skulls may have been better, like a cluster. but a great concept. :)

I would have, but it was actually bought not made myself, so I was kind of stuck! Honestly, I'm not mega-happy with it because it's resin and very finely detailed (which is good in general...) but means you can't do reverse highlighting very easily - getting the light colours (i.e. white) in the deep recesses isn't easy, so it doesn't quite look right. If you just highlight normally you can pass it off as shading.

Still, I think the amazing model makes up for it. Heresy make the best demons around.

Thommy H:


Children of the Hound

From the mountains of Norsca come the worshippers of the god they call The Hound, but who most know as Khorne, the Blood God. When the Champions of Chaos sound their horns, the Marauders of the North never hesitate to journey to the soft lands of the Old World to wreak havoc. The Children of the Hound are just such a band of warriors, led by their giant Chieftain Wulf and his mutated brother Klore. They fell in with Xavier after the great horde of Haargroth the Blooded One splintered into hundreds of different warbands and have cheerfully slaughtered their way across The Empire and Bretonnia ever since.

These are some Marauders with the Mark of Khorne (obviously). I went with a more human skin tone because these guys haven’t quite succumbed to the unnatural taint of Chaos yet. Wulf, however (a model from Spyglass) is clearly well on his way to Warrior-hood with his all-enclosing helmet and massive build. Poor Klore, who is an old Bloodbowl mutant figure, is probably not going to be so fortunate though, and will likely end his days as a Forsaken or a Spawn.

The addition of this unit takes the army into a hair over 2,000 points, which you can see in all its glory below:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Those guys look awesome! I especially like the demon dude flying over the Pizza! - (Joke! I read the captions!)

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull:

Nice looking army you have there. I especially like the bases



Thommy H:

Skull-Hounds of Khorne

In the great brass keeps at the top of the world wherein the vile Skull-Priests of Khorne enact their dark rituals of blood sacrifice, there are creatures other than men that dedicate themselves to the Blood God. In deep dungeons, monstrous beasts are bred from mortal stock, transforming them into ravening daemonkin. Tales tell of the minotaurs, trolls and giants with hides as red as dried blood, but far more common are the Skull-Hounds: the hunting dogs of the Skull-Priests. These beasts are descended from ordinary wolves and wild dogs, the kind whose mutated kin are seen so often accompanying Chaos warbands, but they have had a strain of the daemonic introduced into them. Some say that Flesh Hounds were captured and forced to breed with mortal hounds, producing these vile offspring, others that the dogs were fed on daemon-flesh, transforming them into enraged mutant monsters. Whatever their origin, the Skull-Hounds of Khorne are truly foul creatures. As they mature, the flesh on their heads sloughs off, revealing bare but still living skulls. Bony spines protrude from their backs, coated in daemonic venom which causes the same wasting disease in anyone unfortunate enough to even graze one. The toxin is fast-acting and always lethal, melting away skin and muscle, reducing the unfortunate victim to a screaming skeleton that collapses in on itself.

Hey, that’s a lot of background for 50 points of Warhounds!

Amazing models from Heresy unfortunately get short shrift in the Warriors of Chaos book, as the only suitable thing to represent them is lowly Chaos Warhounds. My fiancée bought them me for Christmas and, as much as I like them, they’d be better as Flesh Hounds in a Daemon army. One day I may make them exactly that but, for now, they’ll do as Warhounds with both scaly skin and poisoned attacks (that’s the wasting disease thing). This also goes nicely with their appearance - two of them have skulls for heads, and one is half skull, half flesh. I’m also enjoying the development of the Skull-Priests into a cabal of crazed psychopaths who just breed horrible monsters for the hell of it. Well, Clan Moulder can’t have all the fun, can it?

Kera foehunter:

wow !!! those are so cool !!! you Do the best baces


Hey as Kera says fantastic bases :cheers

Thommy H:

The Bloodguts

The natural wanderlust of Ogres often takes them to the uttermost north, to vie against the foul denizens of the Realm of Chaos, testing both their mettle and their digestive systems against the myriad abominations of the Dark Gods. Many of these Ogres join forces with warbands of Chaos Warriors, becoming mercenaries in the usual manner of their race, and some even turn towards the worship of the Dark Gods too, throwing in their lot with one (or all) of the Chaos powers. The Bloodguts are one such band - like most Chaos Ogres, they have decided that Khorne is the god for them, although not all the members are convinced just yet. The Bloodguts are in something of a transitional phase, with some of their number believing that Khorne is an aspect of the Great Maw (skulls typically being covered in meat, after all) and some preferring the hypothesis that the Great Maw is an aspect of Khorne (since eating is really just a chewier kind of fighting) - this leads to some quite heated disagreement amongst the Bloodguts and they will often work themselves into a frenzy of religious debate before a battle, which they then cheerfully channel into the job at hand. After all, if there’s one thing the Maw and Khorne have in common, it’s a love of smashing stuff: it’s something even the Bloodguts can all agree on. The chieftain of the Bloodguts is known as Urk Worldeater, and is on a mission to personally eat everyone in the world. He’s doing pretty well so far.

These are some Ogres. Obviously, I used Ogre Kingdoms Bulls here, and the wealth of Great Maw-esque imagery on the models meant I had to come up with an explanation as to why they’re mixing their symbolism. The Bloodguts feature a mix of Chaos and Ogre icons tattooed on their bodies to fit this story. One thing that didn’t actually require so much explanation was Urk’s gutplate, which depicts a grotesque daemonic mouth enveloping a curved surface: this reminded me of the symbol of the World Eaters traitor legion in 40K, and so I put in a little Khornate Khontinuity Nod there. Hopefully the “world” in the mouth is visible. The continents are patterned after the Warhammer World because, naturally, that’s the only one Urk knows about.

In game terms, these are Ogres with the Mark of Khorne and additional hand weapons. This gives them five (count 'em) attacks each. My basic strategy for them involves setting them up directly opposite the things I want to die and moving them straight forward until they crash into them and all the enemy models fall over.


You have improved your basing technique a great deal I’m very impressed. The photos just need to be a shade lighter…

Kera foehunter:

tommy you are evil!!! that why you can do such a great job on your painting!!

this is one more of your great figures you painted the only thing i can say is

S L A V E S !!!


Your Khorne army looks fantastic. Lots of the older models look just as good if not better than the new ones with a good paint job on them.