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The polls for the 2007 CDO Community Awards have closed and we have our winners!

Best Attitude: Kera foehunter

A member should be nominated on their forum presence and behaviour towards other members, displaying exemplary attitudes of kindness and encouragement.

Best General: metro_gnome

This member is always ready to give advice on army lists, has very good lists of his own, and perhaps has won a tournament or two using his Chaos Dwarf army.

Best Hobbyist: Ishkur Cinderhat

A nominee for this award has contributed an amazing model, or models that exemplifies what a Chaos Dwarf army should look like: flawless execution of conversion and painting while adhering to the Chaos Dwarf mythos.

Best Contributor: Xander

This award will go the member that has contributed most to the cause of the Chaos Dwarfs. He or she has done or made something that has profoundly benefited the presence of Chaos Dwarfs as a whole!

Best Overall Member: Willmark

This member may not be the best hobbyist, might not ever win a tournament, but he or she has a great presence on the site, the forum, the wiki, the chat and whatever else! They are dedicated to the cause of the Chaos Dwarfs!

Congrats to all the winners, and a big thanks to everyone who took the time to send in nominations and to cast votes! There were some close fought battles which just goes to show how amazing all the people here really are! Stay tuned for the GH#5 Poll coming later this week. I will try to get the poll up as soon as I can, as the deadline for entry arrives in 8 hours!

Give all these fine gentlemen and lady some well deserved congratulations! I have added a medallion to each of the winner’s medal collection.

Here’s to an even better 2008 already in the making! :cheers



Well done Kera, Metro, Willmark, Ishkur and Xander!

5 exemplary Chaos Dwarfs fans that have done CDO proud.

Special mention to Metro, Xander and Willmark, who got 60%+ in their respective categories.


Congratulations to all the winners :hat off

all hail hasut:hashut


i knew you would Best Contributor xander,

and i knew Kera would win Best Atitude,

and i knew wilmark would win.

i’m so smart:cheers

though i didn’t know who would win the others


wow you lot all did a really great job over the last year keeping the chaos dwarf community active and growing. i have been looking lately and we are getting at least 1 new member every day it seems.

congratulations you all deserve it!


Thanks. Now I got more cool bling for my online tag! Aces!

Special congrats to Kera. Not only did I nominate her, but I voted for her. And she beat me by one vote for best attitude. However I feel she fully deserves it!

Kera foehunter:

Well thanks to all who voted for me .This was a cool contest i didn’t think i had a chance.

all you guys rock!!! Congrads to the other winner.thanks to Xander and staff to make this happen. THIS IS THE BEST SITE EVER!!!

* Kera gives willmark a special hug Thanks for the winning vote. What a sign of a true winner you are willmark The best member overall

thanks kera


Awwe thanks. As I said you deserved it I wouldnt have voted or nominated you if I thought otherwise!

Congrats to the other winners as well. I hope 2008 is another great year as well.


i have to admit i voted for kera, beause it was between kera and willmark and id already voted for willmark for best overall member, and after i voted i think it was 8 - 9 to kera lol.

is always going to be close because there are so many great people in this community which is why its as good as it is!


Congratulations all!!:cheers

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Whoa, what’s this…?

The Chalice of Darkness, I suppose! A great many thanks! :cheers


crikey ishkur! you’re going to be on your second row of medals soon!


Ishkur has an impressive collection to say the least!

It’s nice to finally have a medl on my own site, lol. Now if I could just paint faster I could get my 1000 points medal too!


All of my nominees (except one) ended up winning their category, which was nice.

Congratulations to everyone who won, the awards are well deserved.



All of you deserve a hearty thanks from the community for your efforts over the past year!

Keep up the good work, or else asheira and I will grab the title from you in 2008! hehe



Yes - Congratulations! - Lady and gentlemen :hat off

And not only to the winners - but to everyone who participate in making CDO “the bedst overall (Chaos Dwarf) forum”.


Congratulations to every one, I hope you guys and girl keep up the good work.

Knight Of Awsome:

we should all get medals for being here in 2007 with a lovely shade of… yellow… OR … pink. lol


Congrats to all the winners.


i want you to know that EVERYONE is a winner…oh who am i kidding

/starts laughing at the people who didn’t win (even if they wern’t in the compitition other than me)