[Archive] And Yea, for the Darkness Spoke


…And it said unto Revlid: Post thou your fluff, that Hashut might prosper.

And so I am. This is where I will be posting the fluff snippets of my Nemesis Crown victories.

My first game of the campaign Wargor John, who, I discovered afterwards, wasn’t taking part/didn’t have an account yet :hat. Ah well. Border Patrol, Solid Victory for the Chaos Dwarfs.

Zharkon Revlid snarled as he brought his scimitar down on the neck of the last of the horned brutes, baring his tusks in brutal satisfaction.

Looking up from the headless corpse, the Chaos Dwarf despot spotted his Hobgoblin underlings roudning up the survivors, mostly mutants and ungor, and clapping them in irons. A fine slave harvest for a skirmish.

Ahead the human inn named after the warpstone moon, The Bitter Moon, loomed over the trees, clearly visible despite the thick forest. Zharkon frowned. He needed to return to the Diabullus, the iron-bull headquarters of the Chaos Dwarfs, to report his victory and deliver his slaves. To do so before bightfall wopuld require somehow bypassing the forest…

Grinning, the corrupt Dwarf turned to the artillery teams stationed on the hill, and gestured that the Firespitter Cannons should begin their bombardment.

It was warm that night, and thick with ash.

Next up was… someone else, whose name I’m mildly ashamed to say I didn’t catch, playing a Lizardmen army consisting of two priests, a salamander, and two units of skinks. We used Border Patrol armies (save for the fact that he didn’t), with a minor victory for me.

The Chaos Dwarfs broke out into gruff laughter as the last weak lizard-thing was chained up, and the fire-spitting lizard was muzzled. It would be a fine gift to Overlord Rykarth, mused Zharkon, beneath his daemonic brass helm.

Whether he would really notice it among the many other hundreds of slaves already captured by other Chaos Dwarf expeditions was another matter. Most likely not, and the despot cursed his luck that his forces had only been engaged in skirmishes so far.

Still, this had been a good battle, protecting the Diabullus from Lizardman saboteours. Zharkon glanced at the giant-sized bull-dwarf statue, just visible over the treetops, and wondered at the sorcerery required to move the vast construction into the Great Forest. Perhaps that rumours that it was a disguised Kolossus were true?

Shaking his head to clear it of such pointless speculation, Zharkon Revlid, the Disenfranchised Despot of Vorag Tower, began issuing orders. After all, there were still many battles ahead, and many thousands of slaves to harvest.

Not to mention the issue of that damn crown…

More as it comes.

Uzkul Werit:

I’ll be watching this with great interest! 500pts battles all the time for you, eh?


I'll be watching this with great interest! 500pts battles all the time for you, eh?

Uzkul Werit
I've got nought else! :h


Cool stuff Revlid can’t wait for more.

You might want to try 1000pts I always play them(because thats all I got).