[Archive] Animosity 6: Scales of the North (massive online campaign)


Right, another animosity campaign is gearing up in January and I would love for a few of my fellow Chaos Dwarfer’s to come put the fear of Hashut into the slave races!

The short of it -Its Spring 2539 (that’s right after SoM) and the fantasy world hangs in the balance, only this time its the forces of Disorder on the back foot as the fanatical Cult of Sigmar, the armies of Kislev and all their goody, goody friends move to take advantage of the receding chaos wastes.

Anyway, they have a strong focus on Roleplaying, a great community and you don’t have to smash out 3 games a week to contribute-stories and fluff can be submitted in place of battles- so those who hung up their wargaming spurs years ago can still go campaigning with the best of them!

Check it out, sign up, and lets show 'em were still alive and kicking!


They will be releasing pre-campaign fluff on each of the factions periodically. Sigmarites have theirs up, and Kislev are getting theirs today/tomorrow.

And the opening trailer…

Animosity 6 -trailer

Kera foehunter:

Well I’m not going to miss this!

This is a real blast guys ,you should come and join in

Just a couple of hours a week ! unless you get the fever

this is the only time that you can try to beat me ( if ever)

so who be up for this challenge ??


The Unbowed (The Chaos faction) is one player short people. Come and join. It doesn�?Tt make much time at all and you’ll really enjoy it.


Agreed, we could use the hand. Come on, join team evil!:yar: